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How to Set Automatic to turn on and off at specified time my TV with STB

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How to Set Automatic to turn on and off at specified time my TV with STB

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It seems very frustrating talking with Verizon tech support, that's why I turn to you guys to find if anyone knows the answer to my question above.,from my experience calling verizon for my tech support regarding fiosTV and most of my experience from Verizon are either inept and giving the customer the run around by keeping you on hold for the longest and not having the answer after all the time I spend with the tech on the phone or they will tell you that the that there is no such thing; and when you call again when you get another tech on the phone you get completely different answer if not an inept answer. 
My Specific question is, if  I turned off my STB (top box) and my TV at a particular time; and I like my TV with STB to turn on at a specified time ( example I turned off my STB and TV at 9:00 PM ) and would like my TV with the STB to be turn on like 11:00 PM to turn off at 12:00 midnight by itself, not to record  but just to turn on as reminder and to serve as power saver incase I fall asleep ( this is just example scenario). How would I do that? The manual of either remote control or the STB does not provide that information. My television manual say the TV can but I can not turn it on automatically with the STB connected.


I called Verizon tech, he first sounded inept and sounded like he just talking from a scripted lines, and would not tell me straight forward that he does not know the answer; I  explained that I switched to Verizon Fios for its claim in high and advance technology as they compare themselves by far higher in technology as compared with Cable or direct TV, and with Cable Vision I was able to used the above automatic turn on and off with the remote; I asked for his supervisor or maybe more expert tech support, He turned over the call to his supervisor, who told me that the STB or the remote Fios TV does not have that level of capability which sounded to me like a joke, he also told me that the STB can not be turn on and off because STB is always set as on; I told him I can see the green light turns on and off on the STB each time I press the ON button on the Verizon Remote; he defended that its always on because the timer is ON, and he told me instead FIOSTV has another feature that although it will not turn the feature on and off automatically, it will serve as reminder, I asked him How to carry out that function, the tech supervisor said  to me to just press the record button on my remote, which I know right away that it will just record, and  I told him that its not what I want to accomplish, this Tech Supervisor insisted that it will not record but will set to notify me, but surely it did record and it just wasted and used my DVR memory capacity the time when he put me on hold for a long period of time, I knew it recorded because the red button on the STB/TVR was on., and it did not notify me in anyway what time the TV and STB will turn on. That was a complete  waste of time, instead of him getting the issue to higher level of their tech support and try to research thru and get back to the client. To me, simple feature as this, is such absurd to claim that fiosTV has more advance features than others, where infact they can not even have their tech support answer such simple question.  


Any one here has any idea, please help.

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Re: How to Set Automatic to turn on and off at specified time my TV with STB

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The set top box does not offer any auto on or auto off feature. 


you can only do that if your TV offers the feature. 


If neither your TV nor the STB offer that feature (in this case the stb does not offer) then you can go to a radio shack or a similiar store and purchase a AC timer.  they make them and you plug them into your wall, they are very cheap.



I have had directv and fios and neither of my systems did an automatic on or off. 


BUT my samsung TV upstairs does have that feature (auto on and off)   and I have not checked my mitsubishi downstairs. 


so you may want to check your settings on your TV to see if it will do it, like my samsung does. 

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Re: How to Set Automatic to turn on and off at specified time my TV with STB

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Also, it has been well documented in many posts that turning the box "off" barely saves any power - especially for the DVR which always runs the hard drive and tuners.

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