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How to connect DVD player to FIOS TV (with standard TV)

How to connect DVD player to FIOS TV (with standard TV)

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The Verizon techs installed my FIOS system. I already have the router, DVR and standard TV connected and working. How do I add a DVD player to the mix?


I found wiring diagrams for my FIOS DVR, but they do not include my configuration. Here is what I found:


The above diagram includes an A/V receiver, which I don't think my configuration includes. The tutorial does not offer a choice of configuration that is just the DVR, standard TV, and DVD player.


Where do I find a wiring diagram that connects my DVR, standard TV and DVD player? Do I have to do anything to the router when I connect the DVD player? Sometimes I see references to set top boxes--are they the same thing as the DVR?


Thanks in advance.



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Sorry to hear about you trouble.


If you are using a standard TV you need to check the back ports for RCA connections. They are listed as video/audio inputs, with color coding.


  1. From your DVD player use RCA output jacks, yellow for video, red and white for audio
  2. Take other end of RCA cables and connect to TV inputs at the back
  3. Set your TV to what ever input was used for DVD player and this should allow you to see DVD from TV.

I sent you a PM if further assistance was needed.

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Thank you very much, this works.


When I called Verizon for assistance, the rep kept insisting that I have a set-top box as well as a DVR in my configuration, when in fact I have a multi-room DVR that apparently serves as a set-top box. Anyway, the confusion over that muddied the waters and did not resolve my request for assistance.


Prior to FIOS I've connected my DVD players easily, but I was afraid to try to attempt it without instructions for FIOS.  I wasn't sure if FIOS was more complicated than my previous cable system, and I was worried I'd mess everything up.


So thank you again!

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How can I make a connection from a DVD Player to a standard TV having only a coax cable connection which is already used by VERIZON/Motorola SetTop Box QIP7100 P2 ?

The TV is a ZENITH, year make 1987!!!


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After my new Verizon Fios TV service was installed, my DVD player won't work properly.  It reads incorrect disc.

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Need more info.
What type of outputs do you have on your DVD player?

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