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How to remove the information about shows in the guide?

How to remove the information about shows in the guide?

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I would like to remove the info about each tv show in the guide to make it show just the shows.  It makes the guide visually difficult to read, if I want more information about the show I have an Info button on my remote.


Ironically online it shows the way it should.




Contributor snowshoer
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We just switched from Spectrum to Verizon and I don't like the way the guide it set up.  There is way to much info and too many places to look to find what we want to see.  Is there a way to modify this?  Sepctrum was much simpler, we saw the time, channel and show.   That's all I want to see, I don't need show description, cast of characters, pictures or logos.  Makes me want to switch back to Spectrum.

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Unfortunately no you can’t take that info out. You can go into Menu/ Settings/Notifications and turn off Popup Alerts, Recommendations, Promotions and Guide Banners. That will clean up the Guide a little and stop all the PopUps and hides the Ads. 

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This really needs to be fixed.  There is no need to display the info for every tv show, that is what the info button on the remote is for.  The interface is horrible to the eye!  Ironically, if you go online to look at the guide, it displays in the propper manner.

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Proper manner that is - meaning they show just the shows as shown here in Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.31.48 PM.png

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Is there any way to turn off the auto expand feature that shows the description of the show on the selected channel?  I just want to see all channels at the same size, it makes scrolling through the channels a nightmare.  Picture attached D7206D11-D090-4EBA-97A1-F92B0916AB3F.jpeg


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