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I love my Verizon, yes I really love my verizon that the only reason behind this story

I love my Verizon, yes I really love my verizon that the only reason behind this story

Contributor James
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Registered: ‎08-14-2008
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Hi there,

I love my Verizon, yes I really love my verizon that the only reason behind this story but the service made me hate the same Verizon. When I took the Verizon connection I was so happy because I am doing a right thing. but now I feel the same that I have done a wrong thing.


1. Gift Card is reaching me till now.. hope I will get it when my contract ends!!!

I ordered this FiOS service by February and got a offer of 200$ gift card from Best Buy... I am getting the card till now.. no tracking.. no response... whenever I call them the response is really very nice. the call will be on hold for about an hour and then a voice will come then I have to explain the situation for about 20 mins, then he/she find the gift card is delivered to some other address. Then give me a waiting period of 3 weeks. I have waited atleast 5 * 3 weeks, between these period of time atleast 20 calls to you guys.

Don't you think how lucky I am... ha

A GREAT customer service.. which made me so happy. Thank you one and all.


2. Billing Issues:

I took a plan called FiOS freedom bundle offer. It costs  $ 94.99 when I ordered, but later I came to know that is excluding taxes, that is fine so the total expected was some where around 105 to 110 $. But how great it worked for me... I haven't paid that less amount till now. see how much I paid till now...


Month Amount
March $189.53
April   $120.07
May   $120.07
June  $113.40
July   $113.39

and now the story begins again...
August $152.83


Whenever I call the customer care to ask clarification they will tell "**this will not be charged from next month". But there will be no answer why that was charged. I never even thought of writing this big story to some one like you but I am really sorry to say if this continues then your business will never endup in success.

Please consider this as me one and only request and do something.


$200 worth of Best Buy gift Card and
Take away all the additional options in my package and give me the bundle offer bill I ordered $94.99 + Taxes. I wont encourage paying not even one dollar more than that.


With lots of worries on my ever best Verizon,
James {personal information removed for privacy}

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Copper Contributor Paul
Copper Contributor
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Since this is a user Forum, James, you'll probably need to contact Verizon again.  Contact Us  


The only thing I can offer is this link:  http://www22.verizon.com/awaitingfreereward/  


Good luck and sorry we couldn't be more of a help.

Contributor James
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-14-2008

Hi Paul and All,


I would like to thank Verison's immediate response for my feedback.

I got the GIFT CARD


Started loving Verizon support,


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