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I thought i was ordering two 6-tuner VMS' but turns out its just 1

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I thought i was ordering two 6-tuner VMS' but turns out its just 1

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i made sure to double check the order and specifically saw a (2) but when i called up and spoke with a rep just to make sure he said i was only going to be getting 1 VMS and the supporting IP device, which isnt what i was looking for.


i also tried to explain what exactly i was wanting but it seemed like he didnt quite understand and so i wanted to come here since it can be clearly written out and no confusion, plus im assuming sales reps/ect... browse here and could handle the same things that the phone/chat reps do.


basically i have 2 STB's right now but have been dying for additional tuner models to come availible, now that Quantum is actually in my area i was eager to try them out.


at first i was only going to get 1 VMS for myself to test out but found out that you cant keep the old ones, so i was going to jump all in and get the 2.


im completely aware of the intent of the "multi-room" aspect but i have no use for it and all that's going to happen is now instead of having 4 recording slots(2 STB's) i would be adding 2 more but now sharing with another person(and yes i know you have the 12 tuner VMS, its just the same thing as sharing a checking account, i dont have to worry about whats availible cause im the only one accessing it. and i have no problem spending the couple extra dollars on 2 sets like i have now and want to get 2 of the 6-tuner sets. which will probably be more than enough


if the IP/streaming devices are manditory with the price then thats fine, but if i can reduce cost by not getting them, let me know. but as it is now, id rather cancel this pending order and keep the 2 STB's as it is and be able to make the transition in 1 full step, i also plan on upgrading my internet since ill have the newer router as well.

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Re: I thought i was ordering two 6-tuner VMS' but turns out its just 1

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Hi eiVal,


Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. It looks like your issue may require a Verizon representative to review your account details. Please visit our Support page for a variety of ways to contact Verizon, including “Ask Verizon,” our virtual chat agent, and customer support phone numbers, or you may use Contact Us.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 27
Registered: ‎07-07-2011

Re: I thought i was ordering two 6-tuner VMS' but turns out its just 1

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everything sorted itself out, chat support sent me out exactly what i wanted, 2 VMS units and the new router, no additional perifpherials.


have to give your chat support kudos cause the wait times are virtually seconds and ive noticed a lot less of the copy/paste responces and more of a human element, while not trying to constantly just talk down to us like we're dumb(which the copy/paste responces portray, even if not intended).


the only downside is that it's only availible certain times of the day. i even used them again 2 more times to find out how to get the free symetrical upgrade and to switch back to Coax from Ethernet internet.


if i could offer 1 suggestion it would be, rather than sending an email asking us to take some survey, have a raiting system that shows up right after the chat ended (just like how the text log does when you end the chat), i'd be much more inclined to rate the experience/chat rep there, than even bother opening your emails or answering your phone calls.

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