IPC1100 own router - MOCA adapter

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IPC1100 own router - MOCA adapter

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Hi everyone,


I need some help here. I currently have FIOS gigabit with FIOS TV and phone.   I have my own router setup with UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro) and a 24-Port managed PoE switch.  I have the internet up and running with no issues. 


ONT Cat6  -> UDM-Pro -> USW-24-POE 


However my issue is with the FIOS TV.  I tired using the FIOS G1100 router but after sometime trying to set up in bridge mode I gave up and just go a actiontec ecb6200 MOCA adapter.  I was able to get the VMS1100 to work right away with VOD and TV guide all working.  However I can't get the remote STB IPC1100's to see the media server.  I get a message "Unable to connect to Media server"  


My setup is 

ONT Coax -> 4 way Splitter ->

Split 1 -  actiontec ecb6200 -> VMS1100 -  This is working VOD and TV guide

Split 2- IPC1100 - not working.  I tired adding a second actiontec ecb6200 here but also didn't work. 

** Note the ecb6200 is also connected to a port on the switch to get the internet working. 


From the network switch I am able to see both the VM1100 and the IPC1100 and they both have a IP on the same subnet 192.168.80.X 


Any help would be great.  

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Re: IPC1100 own router - MOCA adapter

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When you have a DVR, the general rule is that a Verizon primary router is required.


G1100's NAT speed and throughput speed are fine. You can put your router behind G1100 with double NAT.

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Re: IPC1100 own router - MOCA adapter

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There are a number of people who have a setup without the Verizon router.  Really don't want to have the G1100 in the setup

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