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IR Extender for Cisco CHS 435 HD DVR

IR Extender for Cisco CHS 435 HD DVR

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I have a new Cisco CHS 435 HD DVR, and when I turn my TV on, it must be causing some kind of interference with my remote because it stops working for a few minutes while the TV boots up. I know this is not an uncommon problem, but I've tried just about everything short of moving the box across the room, because there's no where else to put it except on my TV stand. It's an older Toshiba, and there aren't any settings that I can use to try and disable the interference, at least not that I can find (and not that Toshiba tech support could find either).


So basically, I'm looking at purchasing an IR extender. I called FiOS tech support and was told to purchase the extender in the Verizon store ( The problem is, it says this extender is for the Motorola QIP-7000 series. I called FiOS support again to ask if it would work with the Cisco box, but they didn't know! How can they not know?! Does anyone here know if it will work? I'd like to think it's a simple enough device that it should, but I don't know a thing about frequencies and whatnot. 


Next question is, I tried to find an IR extender directly from Cisco. I found three part numbers from Google searches, and I can locate the product manuals on the Cisco website, but I can't actually find a place to buy these things! I called the toll free number and the person I talked to kept asking what my router model number was. I tried to explain I was looking for an IR extender for my cable box, that I even had the Model and Part Numbers, and she STILL couldn't wrap her head around what I was asking. 


If I have to spend $40 on one of those Next Generation RF boosters, I guess that's what I have to do. But I'd much rather try something a little bit cheaper, if possible. I can't believe how frustrating it is to find any information on these boxes, let alone proper tech support for a very real problem. The even stranger thing is I also have a CHS 335 that I hooked up the same TV, and the box/remote work just fine when the TV is first turned on, so this only seems to be related to the CHS 435.


Can anyone help me out here? It's a great box otherwise, and I understand that it's new, but when Verizon tech support doesn't know anything about it? That's a bit scary.


Thanks in advance.

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The one from the website should work. They mention motorola 7xxx series because when they came out there was no cisco. It was moto 6xxx series and 7xxx series. The 6 series can't use that cable because of the type of port. A ir blaster vs an ir remote input. So the cisco has the same one that the moto box does.
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I had the same problem.I turned on the TV(newer Sony) and the DVR remote stopped working for a few minutes and after that did not work as good.

I just had FIOS tv installed on 3/18/11 and previous to that had never heard of a TV interfering with the IR on a DVR.I did not have an issue with my Directv HD DVR

I have the Cisco hd dvr CHS 435 and used the IR extender in this link and it is much better.I can point the remote in all directions and not just leaning forward and pointing directly at the receiver as I did before the extender.

The cord is 9ft long so you can move it anywhere on your tv stand that works best.

I ended up putting it right on the front of the DVR.I guess this IR receiver I purchased from amazon is more senitive the the one built ito the receiver itself?

In case the link doesn't work here is the exact description from 


Hope this helps.


Infrared Receiver Extender Cable for HD DVR STB's



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My IR extender arrived today and it works just fine. It resolved my issue. It would seem the CHS 435 HD DVR is a little sensitive to outside IR signals, but the extra sensor picks up the remote signal just fine.

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Just wondering what did you end up buying?

What was the make/model of the IR receiver?


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I purchased the IR extender from the Verizon accessories page. It arrived in about a week after placing the order. The only thing I would say is a drawback is the cord is short. For me, it didn't matter, but for others with a cabinet or whatever, you might want to consider another option with a longer cord.

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Question, if I use IR extender, does that disable the IR receiver on the unit itself?

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When you plug in the  IR extender in the back of the unit Yes it  will disable the IR receiver on the unit itself. Its the same as if you plug headphones into a radio it will cut the speaker output.


I think when you receive your IR extender and and start using you will find it helps very much and wont want to use the built in one anymore.



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ahh darn..  what I'm doing is splitting the HDMI signal to 2 tv's (no worries I'm using hdmi splitter that does this correctly) and on the remote TV I was hoping to run the IR cable to use a second remote control from another room.  However, if plugging in the IR remote disabld the IR receiver on the front of the unit, then I won't be able to use the remote control of where this receiver is sitting.  Guess i may have to research a 3rd party IR extender.

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I tried the IR extender sold by verizon and it could not overcome the IR interference from my Panasonic plasma tv. Don't buy it. The improvement was minor. I have the cisco dvr.
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