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Insignia DVD code

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Bronze Contributor II
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The online pdf file only lists 1 DVD Code for an Insignia, and that didn't work for mine.  Any other code suggestions?
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I dont have any other codes listed but you can always try the scan mode...




If none of the codes worked, try the following procedure. (As before, we will use the example of a TV. For other devices use the appropriate Device Key instead of the TV key in step 2 and 3.)

1. Turn on your DVD.

2. Press and hold the DVD key. 3. While holding down the DVD key, press OK.

4. Release both keys. The Device Keys will blink twice.

5. Press
9 - 2 - 2.

6. Point the remote at the DVD.

7. Press Play.

8. Press Fast Forward (FF). Every time you press FF the remote sends out a new power-off command to the DVD. Keep pressing FF until the DVD turns off. (You can press Rewind to go back

9. When the DVD turns off, you have found the right code. Press OK to store this code.

Note: There are over 300 TV and DVD codes. The most common codes are tried first, but you may still need to press over 300 times to find the right code. If you reach the end of the list of codes the entire remote will flash twice and return to normal operation. You can exit programming at any time by pressing Exit.

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