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Installation not completed

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Installation not completed

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Around 6 months ago Verizon came to my apartment building and cut holes in the walls, wired and set up jacks, (over 100 units) I recently received word our area is good for the installation, so I called and set up an appointment, the tech arrived and about 2 hours into the install tells me he cannot finish the job because my apartment is not grounded, he then called Verizon and explained the problem, a few minutes later I received a call from Verizon stating this has to be taken care of by the landlord, when I notified the landlord he told me no way is he going to rewire the building.

Verizon I am a little upset and I think you dropped the ball on this, if before you spent the time and money cutting holes installing jacks you should have mentioned there was specifications that needed to be met first, now you do this work and expect the landlord to meet your specifications to finish the job, that doesn't seem right. You have lost the business, lost time and money, the technician lost the install, I lost a days work. And I still have no fios.

This should not have happened, There must be something that can be done to resolve this. This will be a problem in the future and needs to be addressed.

Thank you for your time.

Dennis Harris

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Re: Installation not completed

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Where are you located ?


Perhaps your area has some specific grounding requirements that Verizon has to follow.


The Verizon Technician may have been talking about a Building Ground and not the ground in your apartment.  If this is the case then perhaps your landlord would not have to rewire teh entire building and would just need to have a central ground installed.  Who knows this may be a code requirement and they may not have a choice.

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Re: Installation not completed

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Recently several states have changed the electrical codes with some very strict requirements regarding grounding. Especially NY. And even though Verizon installed all of the phone jacks and such, they dont do electrical, so they may not have even known at the time. If during the ONT installation, there is not the new required ground available, they are not allowed to continue until the building is brought up to code. Now quite honestly, this is a complete guess as we dont know what happened in your specific case but as this has been a fairly common issue since the grounding requirements change in some states, its a fair guess.


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