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Intermittent video dropouts

Intermittent video dropouts

Contributor FiosLongTimeGuy
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I cut the copperline years ago, people are sick of me showing them my 'laser' in the back yard.






This was still anissue.  Sony XBR4 works fine on everyHDMI source/input. TV Rock SOLID.  Newstb problems got a lot worse when  theyintroduced new "facebook type" widgets.


This issue is beingactively followed on the FiosTV Tech Assist: "HDMI Handshake" thread.




 I highly recommend unplugging your wirelessrouter and your set-top-box. Re-plug the router first and then the stb.  This gives you the best chance of getting thelatest patch.  I did this (rebooting) andthe drop outs have seem to have disappeared. I don't say I solved the thing, but my viewing experience has vastlyimproved. Best picture around when it stays on…..three days now and no dropouts.

Contributor Modulus5
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The problem is that Verizon will blame Motorola for the problems with the STBs in question.  In all fairness to Verizon; this is Motorola's problem, not Verizon's.  However, it is a disservice to their customers that Verizon hasn't addressed this problem publicly with Motorola or the public-at-large.  Even more disturbing is the fact that the field techs have no general clue as to what's going on with these boxes.


You'd think that a moderator from Verizon would be watching this board and might chime in to either defend Verizon's position or to set our minds at ease.  Maybe Comcast does have better service after all.  The saga continues and I know I'll be reviewing this whole scenario when my contract ends and I'm ready to shop around again for a service provider.  {please keep your posts courteous}


Perhaps az Sony TiVO to go with my Sony BD player and TV is the way to go.

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I apologize, but unfortunately we cannot address this question. A forum moderator’s job is to maintain the forum itself, so we are typically unable to access accounts or provide support information on an individual basis. 



This is a peer-to-peer forum, meant mostly for the exchange of ideas and tips between members. While there are a couple of tech support people who occasionally post here, this issue may not be within their realm of expertise. We have forwarded many of the forum suggestions and concerns to the appropriate parties for review. Verizon is listening and we value your feedback, even if we can't always respond directly.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

Copper Contributor MsFjordstone
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Actually, "(b)" isn't a solution, because the 6416 also has signal loss.  I got a brand new Samsung plasma a few weeks ago, and got FiOS's Motorola DVR at the same time, and have been experiencing horrible signal loss, mostly around the times the DVR starts and/or stops recording, no matter what I'm watching (usually the same thing I'm recording).


The first-level tech told me the problem was with Samsung tvs only, and something about how they update their firmware.  And that I needed to switch to component from HDMI.  I rejected that as b.s., and asked to escalate the call.  The supervisor I spoke with let slip that the problem wasn't only with Samsungs, and I flipped out on him and told him that obviously the problem was with the Motorola boxes, not every major tv manufacturer.  He said, "Well, Verizon has a contract with Motorola."  Which is obviously the crux of the entire problem.


Eventually, I got on the line with Presidential appeals, and they asked me what I wanted.  I told them that I want someone to actually look into the problem that is with the Motorola boxes, not the tvs, and that I wanted to be able to watch my television and see ALL of each episode, not just select portions.  They've already had a tech call me (I was out to dinner, but I can tell you that I'm not going to waste time/spin my wheels re-setting everything), and have hinted that they might upgrade me to the multi-room box (which I won't take unless they upgrade me at no charge; it's useless to me, as I only have one tv!), but I have a funny feeling this is going to be months until it's satisfactorily resolved.  Maybe the next generation of boxes will have it worked out.


In any case, I agree completely with posters who have said (here and elsewhere) that it's insulting for Verizon to offer us cutting edge technology, and then ask us to downgrade from HDMI to component to solve this.  And I don't see how the tv in question can have anything to do with this problem; isn't the tv downstream from the set-top box, informationally?

Copper Contributor MsFjordstone
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Sorry, the previous post was supposed to be a reply to KenAF's post on page one, but apparently clicking 'reply' on a particular post doesn't actually make the reply appear in that place...
Copper Contributor emesss
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In response to Modulus 5  "In all fairness to Verizon; this is Motorola's problem, not Verizon's."


It is Verizon that chose Motorola, has the contract with Motorola, and does not disclose to users that the Motorola boxes have problems.


If Verizon gave us a choice of manufacturers; or, if the installer (who supplied the HDMI cables) said to use component as HDMI has problems, I might agree with you.


As it is, I no longer recommend FIOS to others without pointing out the problems with the TV portion of the service. Like the internet however.


Contributor Modulus5
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I tried the reboot of both the STB and Wireless Modem/Swith and it worked pretty well for a while, but the problem has come back full strength now.  Does anyone know if the 7100 model has the same issues?  I'm getting rid of the free multi-room DVR feature in the next week, but I want to keept he HD DVR feature.  Anyone?   Bueller?  Smiley Wink

Contributor patrick78
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Tonight, 9/20/09, watching Sunday night Football on NBC HD and You, Me, and Dupree on TBS HD, the signal is dropping every few minutes for aabout 1 to 2 seconds.  Running a Motorola 7216 DVR w/ HDMI cables.  Been happening for months now...This is getting old...

Copper Contributor fioscustomer123
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I've noticed the same lately patrick. I was watching football on Sunday, and the video would just freeze for a couple seconds, but the audio stream would continue. This seems to be happening somewhat frequently lately, and is incredibly frustrating. Jeez.. if this is really a motorola issue (who knows, as I wasn't having this issue a couple weeks ago), the new DVR boxes coming out next year can't come soon enough (they'll probably have their own bugs though).


I recorded Heroes yesterday, but haven't gotten around to watching it. Hopefully it recorded properly.. maybe I'll watch it tonight..

Copper Contributor fioscustomer123
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Oh ya, this clearly isn't a "your box needs to be reset" issue, as I swear I've reset the **bleep** dvr box a dozen times in the last 2 months, hoping that would fix random problems (my favorite was leaving a game on pause for too long while it was recording, and the entire recording disappeared!). These boxes/Verizon software certainly have a crapload of problems..

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