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Internet programming for HDVR?

Internet programming for HDVR?

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@pl wrote:

I typically end up exhausted from screaming at the box when using it directly.  😛


Well, lets see if there is any way to fix that! What is it you want to do that you can't or you find difficult when you are using the remote directly on the box? Maybe there are some shortcuts or techniques available that you are not aware of, certainly the documentation on using the IMG in general is lacking (at least in my opinion), although there are help videos available via the DVR.


This is just a thought, there are lots of folks here willing to try to help if you are willing to take the time to specifically describe your issues  Smiley Happy  


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Thanks for your offer to help.  I need to make notes on the things that exasperate me.  Some things seem unlikely to have solutions; one example is that a program is playing in the background when trying to set up a recording.  The problem here is that the background program acts as a spoiler when I am trying to extend a recording that is running over the scheduled time and don't want to know what is going on with the live program.  I typically shut the sound off and press the dvr button before beginning, which helps a good bit.  Admittedly I could set the box to another channel if I am recording only one program.  Another along the same line is that I have not figured out a way to simply extend the recording time; I end up having to do either a manual recording or record the program following the one I want to extend.  Another annoyance is that the box drops back to playing the live program when a recording ends, which tends to act as a spoiler when a program is in multiple segments.  This kind of thing happens when I am recording tennis matches or tournaments, which can run for 5 or so hours, where I sometimes try to break the recording up into smaller segments so that I can delete chunks as I finish watching them.  What tivo does that seems imminently more sensible is to have a screen for managing the dvr that is free of the (to me useless) program running in the background.


Another is that in making a manual recording, which I do for these same reasons, the default start time, stop time and channel default to the present even after making the first recording.  I would find it more helpful were the start and stop times and the channel default after the first manual recording to the ones last used (at least when a sequence of manual recordings are set up at one time).


These are the things that occur to me at the moment.

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