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Is there a site FIOS users can check to see if there "bug" is known/being worked/etc?

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Is there a site FIOS users can check to see if there "bug" is known/being worked/etc?

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I share the frustations many have listed on this board about FIOS TV and the IMG.


We joined FIOS in an early test market, so I remember when Verizon was just using the "default IMG" rather than "creating their own".  When Verizon rolled out their first version of their own IMG, it was a huge step backwards from the version that came standard on the cable box (I believe it was Microsoft).  Since they started "building" their own, long-time users have been frustrated that we have yet to get back to the quality level that we had without Verizon's "help".


So, everytime they download a major release (without warning any of us) and scrambling the channel lineup, I wind up discovering what they fixed and what they left broken.  Inevitably, I call in with various problems to see if they know about the problem or not.  Tragically, depending on who you talk to, you get different answers.


The last call I made was about the fact that some channels cannot be added to "Favorites 1" and other channels cannot be removed from "Favorites 1".  When I called the first time, the rep told me "hmmm... that shouldn't be happening, I've never heard of that", but her solutions didn't fix the problem.  So I called again, and this time the rep said "Oh, yeah, we know... there is no fix... we are working on it".    This problem has been around since Verizon took control of the IMG, and the fact that they haven't fixed it is just something I have gotten used to (my expectations are VERY low for any products supported by a company the size of Verizon -- who hide behind the WORST voice help system I have ever hung up on).


Soooo... to my point.


Dear Verizon Moderators,


For the more sophisticated users, who do not need yet another refresh of our box to confirm the bug we have discovered in your IMG releases, is there any way for us to see an acknowledged "bug list" online to save us the frustration of navigating the FIOS Help Line (multiple times to get a real answer from a knowledgeable CSR who is not just going through the checklists)?


I would appreciate the fact that you KNOW there are problems and that you are working on them in a list of "known problems" that I can check easily.


This forum is a great start to helping the community, but it would be nice if users could find the answer without having to wait for acknowledgement from Verizon.




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Re: Is there a site FIOS users can check to see if there "bug" is known/being worked/etc?

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I agree with you. 


There should be a way for those of us to provide direct feedback to the appropriate Verizon FiOS Teams.  I am strongly interested in making FiOS the ultimate experience.  I wish there was a way to apply to become a "Friendly".

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Re: Is there a site FIOS users can check to see if there "bug" is known/being worked/etc?

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I agree with the above posts, it would be great to have a place with a list of already known problems, and a way for those of us with the time and interest to participate in making the FiOS experience better. Several thoughts:


1) Send a PM to a moderator here asking to participate in a test, or asking for improvements to the Forum. I have done that, some of the improvements I suggested have occurred (thanks Kathleen and CharlotteS), hoping more will; it can't hurt. And I understand my request to be a beta tester has been forward to development. At least one poster put that kind of request in a forum post and I think his was also forwarded.


2) Go to the following Verizon Products Trial site and sign up to test new things: https://www36.verizon.com/MM/Protected/TestTrack/SignIn.aspx. No guarantees, not much on the site right now, but if you sign up you might get to participate in the future.


3) Consider using the Verizon Direct forum at http://www.dslreports.com to report problems rather than the FSC (or after a frustrating experience with the FSC). You have to be a registered user to post in that forum, but I have had a good experience using it. Verizon employees monitor the forum and respond, and only they and you can see the details of your and their posts (one of the things I have suggested to the moderators here is something like Verizon Direct here). 


I am retired, I have time to put into an effort to improve FiOS TV. Plus I have quite a bit of experience in testing new computer hardware and software before announcment and/or delivery to customers (IBM), so I think I could help (and I really don't think I could hurt it...). Plus in two more days I will have had FiOS TV for three full years, I have gone through all of the good (and a little bad.....) along the way.




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Re: Is there a site FIOS users can check to see if there "bug" is known/being worked/etc?

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I agree that we should be able to research if problems we are encountering are known problems and if there are known fixes or workarounds. I also agree with Justin in that DSLREPORTS.com is a good site to find out about problems that other users have encountered. I am currently waiting on another user in Buffalo to get FIOS TV installed to see if he runs into a problem that seems common in Buffalo. The problem is people can't record HD local stations. There is also a recurrent problem where people are having trouble hooking up their A/V receiver with optical ouputs.
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