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Is there an "expiration date" for DVR'ed programs?

Is there an "expiration date" for DVR'ed programs?

Contributor Balkiewicz
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On multiple occasions now, the DVR for my FiOS has deleted saved shows on my DVR. 


My DVR has never been over 55% full, and the programs that were deleted were set as "Keep Until I Delete".


Any reason why these shows wind up being deleted?  Is there a default where, no matter if you ask to keep until deleted, after a certain duration of time, the program gets deleted anyway?


Is there a setting to keep this from happening, or is this a glitch/Verizon policy that can't be rectified?


Thanks in advance for your help....

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Bronze Contributor II
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You did not indicate which dvr you had or whether you recorded SD, HD, or both formats of shows on your dvr.


I will share that on my Motorola 7232 with a 500GB hard drive, when I reached 87% it started deleting programs regardless of setting.


That's why I installed a 1.5TB external drive, so I could record more without fear of the inferior software and drive management processes deleting them.



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I haven’t had or heard of this issue. But if I were troubleshooting the issue I would say check the following:


1.)  To get very basic, make sure that there is a shield beside every recording that you

      want to keep. If it’s not there then you may be using the “Save” feature incorrectly.


2.)  If the shows that you are losing are “Series Recordings” (scheduled using the Record

      Series option), use the Manage Series Recording option and set the following to:


       Keep:          All Episodes

       Save:          Until I Delete

       Duplicates:  Yes (Only use this last setting if there is no difference between the

                          descriptions of the programs you are attempting to record. Otherwise,

                          as the name implies, you’ll be recording endless duplicates.)


3.)  Make sure that you don’t have anyone “helping” you delete programs.


4.)  Check the Recent Deletes folder to see if you can recover lost programs. (Even if they

      get deleted they should not be overwritten until the disk becomes full.)


It is possible, though rare, that your Disk Usage is displaying incorrectly. Your disk may be completely full, but incorrectly listing usage as a lesser amount. In this case you would have to keep track of the hours recorded and ignore the percentage until you delete the program that is fouling the estimate. If none of these suggestions help you, then you need more help than I can provide.

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