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Issue with TV battery back up

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Issue with TV battery back up

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I lost power last night.  I woke up to one really loud high pitched beep from the battery back up unit...unfortunately for me the service guy thought it would be a really good idea to put the back up unit in my bedroom and my roommate never thought to tell him to find someplace else.  Now the back up unit is producing a really high pitched and constant beep/squeal.  I checked the unit and the "power ok" light is on and the "system status" green light is on.  I'm assuming this means there is nothing wrong with the battery.  If the unit was in the basement I probably would never even know it was saquealing but as I mentioned it's in my bedroom and I'll go insane if I am forced to listen to it.  It's never done this before so I'm assuming this happened due to a power surge from the electricity coming back on.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Can I solve this on my own or will I need a service guy to come to the apartment?
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Re: Issue with TV battery back up

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Well, look on the birght side - if you suffer from sleep apnea, maybe that beep saved your life!!! Smiley Very Happy


Actually, very sorry to hear about that, it could give someone a heart attack. Mine is installed out in the garage, I would never hear it in a million years if I didn't go out there.


Is is still beeping? I thought it was supposed to stop once the power came back. If it hasn't, I think you have a problem that is going to require a service call (but one question: what time of outlet is the unit plugged into? If it is a GFCI, has that tripped? If so, resetting it should get things back to normal. My installer refused to plug the pwoer supply into a GFCI outlet because of the possibility of a trip that could go unnoticed).


Here is a simple, but not free, suggestion: buy a mid-sized UPS (500 VA or so) and plug the power supply for the ONT into that, and the UPS into the wall outlet. That way, if there is a power interruption, the UPS will power the ONT for at least some period of time, and thus no alarm. Of course, once the UPS is used up, if the power has not come back on, you will still get the beep.


Ear plugs maybe???


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Re: Issue with TV battery back up

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My BBU has an 'Alarm Silence' button directly above the 'Battery Emergency Use' button.  I can't say this would solve it but if yours has a similar button perhaps you can try pressing it?


If 'System Status' and 'Power OK' lights are both lit and the unit is still beeping but the 'Replace Battery' light is not lit then I would agree with Justin that it sounds like it may require a service visit.  However, you could try unplugging the battery (both terminals) then reconnecting them ensuring they are on securely.  I had seen a similar report that a BBU was continually beeping and it turned out to be one of the battery connectors being not properly connected.

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