Just upgraded to Quantum and heres how it went (hint: great)

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Just upgraded to Quantum and heres how it went (hint: great)

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Just received and activated one media server and two clients.  Upgrading from one Whole home DVR and two HD boxes.


I must say I experienced no issues in upgrading the new hardware.  I followed the extremely LARGE insert that came with the units and unplugged old DVR (after backing up settings to cloud, which worked first time, no issues) plugged in new, hit OK and waited about 20min.  Box rebooted, new software was downloaded and then restored settings.


All my Series came back from the cloud, and I was up and running.  Rinse and repeat with the clients and in about an hour they were all up and running.  


I will say, I did encounter some serious lag when using the guide.  Especially when trying to set up a recording event about a week out.  When I tried to set a series record for Next Monday, the time from first press of record to second press of record and confirmation was about 30sec.  It was instantaneous on the old DVR.


Also a bit of lag when scrolling down list of series, or anything else that needs scrolling.  Other than that, all is good.


Question:  When I unpacked the Media Server, on the front bezel, the words "Dolby Digital Plus" is written.  I was very excited to see that, but alas, I haven't been able to see that my receiver, so is it that the box is capable of it but Verizon isn't sending DD+?  


I hope to update this after next week, as the Fall TV season kicks into high gear and I will be taking full advantage of the 6 tuners in this thing and see how it works!!




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Re: Just upgraded to Quantum and heres how it went (hint: great)

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Great news Ron! My experience was nearly as flawless (I did have one client that was seemingly not recognizing that it was connecting but eventually got it to connect).

Thursday was my first day of having 6 shows recording simultaneously and I'm happy to say I had no issues. Initially it gave me a message when I tried to watch a different dvrd show whilst those 6 were recording, but then it let me so I'm extremely pleased with that! !

In regards to your question, I'm unable to solve that one for you. .. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be able to though.
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