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LED/LCD 1080P TV with Verizon FIOS converter box

LED/LCD 1080P TV with Verizon FIOS converter box

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I just purchased 2 1080p televisions for my guest bedrooms and plan on using Verizon FIOS converter boxes for the signal. I have a large house with several STB's and I just cant think about 2 more $10/month STB's that will mostly just sit and not be used. The TV's are for guest bedrooms and as such will rarely get used. I have 2 "converter boxes" that came free with my contract, I know that using these wont give me a menu to look up shows, just the signal will come through, but that is fine for the guest rooms.


I'm wondering what the signal will look like on my new TV's. This is what I've ordered:




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I assume you are talking about the digital adapters.

They only show SD. Seems a bit of a waste to buy expensive TVs to only get SD pictures.

Not sure if you can return them, but if you got either an LG or Samsung, they have apps that allow you to watch FIOS in HD w/o converter box.

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What app would that be?

I didnt know there was any way to get around the box.

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@Rocks911 wrote:


What app would that be?

I didnt know there was any way to get around the box.


It's the Verizon 'FiOS TV' app... where you can stream (currently) 75 live TV channels using a Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV.

This can also be done on an iPad (via the FiOS Mobile app) or Xbox 360.





For more details on Samsung Smart TV models for FiOS TV live streaming, please see:




By the way, if you are thinking of getting set top boxes for your TV, you can check with a Verizon Customer Service representative as to how much an additional regular STB would cost (that is HD-capable).  If you have multiple HD boxes already on the account and/or a Multi-Room DVR, then there are bundled discounts for equipment.

Hence, a new HD box would not necessarily be the $11.99 per month charge (national pricing).  The more HD boxes you have, the less the pricing becomes.


You can even do this online by logging into your account (check for pricing and order the boxes online). 

You can also call 1-800-837-4966 (1-800-VERIZON),

or stop by at a local Verizon FiOS TV store as well.  For a list of local stores: http://www22.verizon.com/Support/Residential/tv/fiostv/General+Support/Account+Issues/QuestionsOne/8...


Hope this helps!





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Nickel Contributor
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Thanks for the replies,


Interesting to be sure, hopefully Panasonic has something in the works, if not I'm OK with the panels I bought.

42" of backlit IPS LED/LCD panel with DLNA capabilities to link to my home network (dont really need app's, got ebverything I need on the PC) 4HDMI inputs as well as media player capabilities through both a USB and an SD port at $450, with an amazing picture. I'll stick with Panasonic. Neither Samsuung nor LG could touch those capabilities at that price, if they could at any price.


Thanks for the heads up though about that feature.

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