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Leaving Verizon Keeping Purchases?

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Leaving Verizon Keeping Purchases?

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Even after calling the tech support line, they told me I could not access my purchases after disconnecting service with verizon. I found on the verizon webpage that you are, in fact, able to access your purchased movies by "maintaining username and password for the Flex View Store."  Now, I know tech support obviously cannot help me with this question-- but in order to  not lose the hundreds of dollars i spent on these movies---which in fact i was under the impression i would be able to take and put onto a memory device or pc (which apparently isn't true either)-- How do I go about "maintaining" said username and password??

Now, the Tech support guy did mention that flex view is contracted to verizon and I would have to further investigate this option myself--ugh-- to find out if i am, in fact, able to keep purchased movies. Now, I am confused. Will the old verizon username and password still be a valid way to access my flex view account, or will my verizon username and password become obsolete as I would  no longer be paying them?


Come on Verizon... get it together. Stop giving us the razzledazzle with your web of deceipt. Besides the flickering channels and occasional pink or green tint to my HD channels (that i pay extra for) need I further explain why I am leaving? I do not even have another cable or dish service provider that can offer me service b/c of trees and my location. NOW-- that says alot. Enough ranting, anyone know what they are talking about?

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Re: Leaving Verizon Keeping Purchases?

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I'm in the same boat. I've been trying for over a month. I have access to my webpage, but I still can't watch the movies. Worse, I think the only reason I have access to the page is because they have not actually cancelled my account. Now they're going to try to bill me even though I've been gone for over a month. I think this company should take its collective head and shove it up its collective **bleep**. They are serious scumbags. I think they should be sued. I'm sure they have some legal mumbo jumbo to support their web of deceit, but that doesn't mean the right lawyer couldn't unravel it. They should  allow departing customers to take purchased movies with them. They're taking advantage of their customers. They are intentionally vague and deceptive. Their website is designed to confuse. Their support staff is uninformed. They should be stopped. If people took a stand with a class action suit, it could turn the advantaqe to the customers and redirect the path licensing and copyright law is taking for on line data.

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Re: Leaving Verizon Keeping Purchases?

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I agree

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Re: Leaving Verizon Keeping Purchases?

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