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Logitech Universal Remote replacement for Verizon/Motorola Remote

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What Logitech Universal Remote is the best replacement for the Verizon/Motorola Remote that controls the DVR,Widgets,VOD and Favorites ?
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Re: Logitech Universal Remote replacement for Verizon/Motorola Remote

I use a Logitech Harmony ONE and it works fine.  You will not find ANY universal remote that has pre-programmed buttons for the "star", and the "heart" and those unique functions, but the Harmony ONE allows you to program any function to any button, and has 6 touchscreen "buttons" that you can program and label as you want - and there can be multiple "pages" of buttons assigned to those six.  I believe that other Harmony remotes are also so programmable.  But they are pretty pricey for some.


Another option:  If you're ambitious, universal remotes manufactured by Universal Electronics International Corporation (UEIC), sold under the "One-for-All" trade name and also by Radio Shack, have been extensively hacked by a community of users via an interface that they have in their battery compartment called JP1.  The freeware generated by the users of the group allows you to do amazing things with these otherwise mundane universal remotes, such as creating and modifying your own upgrades for new equipment, and assigning functions to whatever buttons you want, creating almost unlimited-length macros, tracking the state of your equipment - creating "discrete" functions where they otherwise would not exist, etc.


Just do a Google search for "JP1 Forum" and it'll be your top hit and you can read up on it. 

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Re: Logitech Universal Remote replacement for Verizon/Motorola Remote

I also use the Harmony ONE and it works great and is easy to configure for everything I need/want.  It has been great to toss all my other remotes (FIOS, TV, Home Theater, BluRay) in the drawer.  I can't imagine why anyone would pay the xtra $$ for some of the other solutions.


Good Luck

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Re: Logitech Universal Remote replacement for Verizon/Motorola Remote

Did the Harmony remote work if your Verizon box was out of line of site, i.e. closet or behind wall?



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