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Lost volume and mute screen graphic after various STB settings changes - how to get it back?

Lost volume and mute screen graphic after various STB settings changes - how to get it back?

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STB: QIP7232

Software Release 1.9

Build 10.95


Just got FIOS triple play installed yesterday. I am using STB to control TV volume (had to use remote code 9-5-5 to make that work - STB software settings alone did not work). I need to use the STB for volume because my older TV - SD Mitsubishi - cannot be controled via remote - its remote sensor no longer works. Initailly I had a graphic volume bar on screen - upper right quadrant - when changing Volume or using Mute from the remote - the graphic bar would disappear after about 10 seconds. After exploring and changing some of the STB settings, I noticed that the volume bar no longer displays at all. I'd like it back - but cannot figure out how to get it back. The graphic feedback helps me know that the STB received the command from the remote. The volume function from the remote is working - it is the graphic I am missing.


Does anyone know what STB setting might affect this? Or, is it possible to go back to "default" settings on the STB?


I tried calling Verizon - but they were not helpful - as long as volume control was working, they did not want to help me get the graphic back.


Anyone else encounter this? Thanks in advance...



Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I

Go to Menu-Settings-Audio-Volume COntro.

Make sure it is set to Variable instead of fixed.

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Thanks for your reply, but Volume Control was already set to Variable. And sorry for the delay in responding - I was trying to figure out if I could repeat (and even fix) the issue - now I have - tho there may be more than one way to do this:


To produce the problem on my setup:

1. While watching TV with no STB graphics on screen - check to see volume control graphic is there by hitting volume button on remote - wait until the graphic goes away.

2. On Remote, hit Favorites button (already set to "Toggle Flip by Favorites") - Info graphic (bottom 1/3 of screen) comes up indicating that I am in "Mode:Favorites 1".

3. On Remote, hit Guide Button

4. On Remote hit Exit Button


Volume / Mute graphic no longer appears when the buttons are pressed on the remote, tho the volume / mute functions do work. I can power off the STB - and still the volume / mute graphics are gone.


To fix:

1. On Remote, hit "On Demand" Button. (Wait for "loading" to finish)

2. On Remote, hit Exit.


Now the volume / mute graphic is visible again!



Is this a bug?



Note: remote is VZ P265v2 RC


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a few more details:

Seems to be the Favorites button that causes the problem (disappearing volume graphic) - you can skip my step 3 - Guide, and still produce the problem. The problem occurs when the Favorites button is set to"Toggle Flip by Favorites", but not when the Favorites button is set to "Show Favorite Listings".


I have no idea why choosing the "On Demand" button fixes the issue.

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Just to close this thread - this bug is fixed in STB software release 1.9.1

I think this software is also known as Interactive Media Guide (IMG) 1.9.1

My box received the updated software automatically several weeks ago.


Thanks I will try this!!

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