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MHZ Worldview

MHZ Worldview

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What have you done with MHZ Worldview?  The channel guide still lists it at 463 but none of the shows are there.  It seems to have been taken over by Japan.  RTE news just started broadcasting a week ago and now, even though the channel guide says it is still on, all we get is Japanese news.  All of the excellent foreign detective shows are gone, most especially missing the French version of Georges Simenon's Maigret.  Instead, we get more Japanese bumpf.


Please reinstate MHZ the way it was.

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Not sure what region you are in, but channels in that range are typically sub-channels being broadcast by one of your local stations.  Most likely that station has decided to replace MHZ worldview, or perhaps share space with a Japanese channel.  Almost certainly totally out of Verizon's control.

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If you are in the Washington, DC area try channel 451.    On the MHZ Worldview site, that is the only FiOS broadcast area.

Check link for full availability.

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>>piper77: What have you done with MHZ Worldview?


I'm in the Washington, DC metro area in VA and I watch a number of programs on MHz Worldview--I get it on channel 451 (NHKWorld is on 456, France24 is on 453, etc.). On Monday 8/13, there was a scrolling message across the top of the screen that they were having technical difficulties and that none of their regular programming would be shown but, at 9pm, "Spiral" (2 episodes) was shown as normal--thank goodness...'-}}


I've not watching any other of their programming this week but I did just check and it appears that programming is following the Guide schedule.


Where are you located?

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We Need MHZ Worldview in LOS ANGELES ! NHK world took over that channel - why doesn't Verizon Fios have Mhz Worldview in its basic cable line-up. It is one of the free digital channels, that used to be Fios ch. 463 until NHK took it over - How can I ask Verizon to please bring back that great international news and mystery channel !!! Please everyone keep posting, or is there any other way to get the message across? 


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These channels are carried by broadcast networks as a sub channel.

if none of the OTA channels near you carry it, Verizon won't either.

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