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Media Manager Installation Issues

Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner
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Media Manager will not install on PC

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Moved to Media Manager Installation Issues to merge all relevant threads.

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Problems with Media Manager

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I set up the Media Manager today.  Got it working for about two hours.  Had all my settings done -- it took about that long to specify which picture and music folders I wanted to share and which would be hidden.


Then it crashed.  I tried multiple times to open it, kept receiving the same message.


I had already reset the power saving options, as suggested.


Looks like this could be a possible Vista problem?  Or maybe something else?

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Problems with Media Manager

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What is the error messge (or messages)?

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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Media Manager and Vista 64 bit operating system

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I just switched from Comcast to FIOS TV. I had already had FIOS phone & internet for over a year and a half. I like it very much so far. The standard definition picture quality is quite a bit better than Comcast & there are alot more HD channels than Comast. I also love being able to program my DVR from my computer.


My question is the Media Manager software. I had gotten a message from my boxes that I could use this software with my DVR and my computer. I checked the help section on Verizon's site & it mentioned something about Vista 32 bit. My computer is Vista 64 bit. Does that mean the software is not compatible with my operating system? If it isn't compatible, does anyone have any idea if it will be in the future. Also, what about Windows 7? I have already pre-ordered Windows 7 & will be upgrading to the new OS.

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Media Manager and Vista 64 bit operating system

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It is a 32bit program, but I have run it on Vista 64. I have never used Vista 32bit. Has anyone else run into any issues?


I had tested it and then discontinued it's use, because I do not need it. I have a Media PC next to my TV.

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Re: Media Manager and Vista 64 bit operating system

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Media manager used to not work with 64 bit Vista. However I believe that the last few updates to it have made it compatible with Vista 64bit.



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Media Manager and HP MediaSmart home server

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New to Verizon FIOS service.  I have an HP MediaSmart home server with all of my music, photos and videos on it.  Obviously it would be good if the Verizon Media Manager could run on it and serve-up all of this content to my TV's!  Has anyone had any experience with this?


I tried to install the Media Manager on it (logging into the server with Remote Desktop), but for some reason the server wouldn't let me, even though I have Admin rights.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Media Manager - no longer working from a PC

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I have had Media Manager running on a Vista PC for some months - admittedly with infrequent use.  Last week, I tried to use it to view some new family photos and the Home Media DVR would not recognize/see the PC that had media manager installed.


I tried removing the software and reinstalling; next removing the DBs and reinstalling - but no luck.  The home PC can ping the Home Media DVR - all looks fine but still, the home media DVR does not see the PC as being online and running Media Manager.


I installed Media Manager on my laptop to see would it be recognized - and it was.


I have powered off and on the home media dvr - to see if that might clear things up - no luck.


Can anyone recommend troubleshooting steps I can follow to see what's wrong?  I cannot think of any software, virus checkers, firewalls, etc installed or modified on the "problem" PC that would have taken it "offline" as far as the home media dvr is concerned.


Frustration mounts!


Thanks in advance for any help.




Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Re: Media Manager - no longer working from a PC

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Run Media Manager on PC and  check if below 3 ports are open on computer by typing “netstat –a” at the command prompt and you should be able to see below 3 ports open
Proto            Local Address                Foreign Address                             State
TCP             SLIMBASIA2:18001      LISTENING
UDP            SLIMBASIA2:5050          *:*
UDP            SLIMBASIA2:5060          *:* 
If  you can’t see all of the above ports open then check if any firewalls are installed..Disable or modify the firewall and check again.




If windows firewall is on and no any other third party firewall running, you need to make sure “Exceptions” are allowed. (“Don’t allow exceptions” unchecked.) Every time when re-launching freshly, Media Manager application automatically adds itself to the Windows Firewall “Exceptions” list and no other configuration needed. In rare case, if the problem persists please shut down MEDIA MANAGER completely and re-launch.


If Windows Firewall is off, then it will not affect Media Manager. In most cases, if you have third party firewalls running at local PC, these firewalls usually turns off Windows Firewall automatically to avoid conflict in rule settings.

We also suggest you to have at most one firewall active at a time to avoid conflict in settings.

Sometimes, when you uninstall a third party firewall software, the uninstall process (in most cases) will turn Windows Firewall on after finishing un-installation.

Joe D
Verizon Telecom
Fiber Solution Center

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Media Manager - Windows 2000

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I've been using Media Manager for a few months now via a Windows 2000 PC.  I accidently clicked ok to the software's update request last night.  The latest version was installed and now the Media Manager no longer works.  The error statement is:


The procedure entry point SHParseDisplayName could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll


Seeing as how Media Manager currently appears to be looking to run an XP+ procedure in SHELL32.dll, I'm wondering if you could provide me a link to the old Media Manager that works on Windows 2000?  I currently have no way to back out of the upgrade.


Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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