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Media Manager for Mac designed for Windows!

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Media Manager for Mac designed for Windows!

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Verizon finally released a version of Media Manager for the Apple OS.  I installed it and it found my network no problem.

That's where the good part ends.  Here's the problems.......


1. Media Manager (or the STB) doesn't support AAC or Apple Lossless.   So we have a program that "supports" iTunes streaming 

but doesn't support Apple's own AAC or Apple Lossless (ALAC).  It supports only MP3, WAV, and WMA.   I, like (I'm guessing here) most other Mac users of iTunes, have the majority of my library in AAC or ALAC.  To use the iTunes music streaming feature I would have to convert my entire 1T+ library to MP3, WAV, or WMA.   Not gonna happen.    So, iTunes streaming = useless


2. iPhoto is also now "supported".  You can see your Photos.  You can create slideshows.  Apparently though non of the settings 

in iPhoto (ie Ken Burns Effect ect) appear to work.  Also you can't use your iTunes library, or even the sample music, to add music to your slide show without converting them first to a compatible formant (see problem1 🙂


3. No video streaming at all.  They say they're working on it.  Of course it will probably only support WMV 😉


I wouldn't complain so much if this wasn't specifically designed for the MAC.   


What we got was a crippled Media Manager for Mac that appears to have been designed for someone running iTunes on a Windows PC!    This is the best the programers at Verizon could do?     


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Re: Media Manager for Mac designed for Windows!

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Welcome to the real world.  Surely this is not the first time you encounter a piece of software designed for windows and ported to work for Apple.


  You solution would be to either buy a PC, or install windows on your Intel based Mac.



Problem Solved.  😃

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