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Moto. QIP2500-3 - Bad Box? (ERR-)

Moto. QIP2500-3 - Bad Box? (ERR-)

Contributor PMJ2kx
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Just had FIOS installed literally three days ago. When I woke up this morning, my STB was flashing "8888" along with all the other lights rapidly. After unplugging it and letting it sit there for a moment, I plugged it back in...and heard it CLICK three or four times, followed by a hissing (electircal) sound, then nothing. Out of fear it was going to catch fire, I unplugged it and let it be for a half hour. When I plugged it in last, all it says now on the front display is "ERR-".


I'm guessing I have a bad box. Did I just happen to get the lemon STB? Or are they known for problems?




Michael M.

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Gold Contributor V
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From your description, I'd say it fried. I'd just call tech support, tell them you heard that electrical hiss and snap and they will likely just send you a new one.



I'd say you probably just got a lemon. The Motorola have their issues, but this one sounds like a simple electronic failure, not anything to do with the normal "issues" that these boxes have.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
Contributor PMJ2kx
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Registered: ‎09-17-2009
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Just got my new box. Everything is fine now.


I told the tech on the phone that it was fried (everything I heard, etc), but he wanted me to try everything under the sun before he'd accept that. Plugging in, unplugging, pushing buttons, etc. Granted, I know he's just doing his job and all, but it was a little frustrating.


Thanks for the reply!

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