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Multi-Room DVR can't play recordings properly

Multi-Room DVR can't play recordings properly

Contributor jmkohl
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Wondering if anyone else has this problem, or knows of a solution. 


I have Multi-Room DVR. In the past, my biggest problem with it was that recordings would occasionally freeze when played on a remote box (i.e. not the main DVR box). I would have to reset the system and try to get past the moment in the recording that was causing the error. The key discovery was that the recording would play fine on the DVR itself, so the problem had something to do with the communication between the DVR and the remote box. It's as if there was an error in the recording that the DVR knew how to resolve during playback but the remote box didn't. 


Now I'm having a new but similar problem. Recording plays fine on the DVR itself. On the remote box, when I hit a specific moment in the recording, it freezes for a second, then continues but th picture becomes pixelated. To imagine the picture, draw a horizontal line halfway up the picture. Everything above that line is fine. Below it, the right half of the image is now on the left and vice versa. Plus random pixelation. Also the sound becomes "pixelated" in the sense that it turns into a mess of beeps and stutters. 


Once this happens during the recording, it continues until the end. 


I know the recording itself is fine because the main DVR box can play it without error


I talked to a tech. He reset the boxes and checked the connection levels. Everything seems fine. His advice was to monitor it, and if it happens again, they'll have to replace everything. 


Anyone with a similar problem? Was it resolved by changing the boxes out? 

Silver Contributor I
Silver Contributor I
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I would suggest the following:


From the non-DVR STB that has the pixelated recordings, try following troubleshooting steps:

Menu -- Customer Support -- In Home Agent -- Reboot STB

Menu -- Customer Support -- In Home Agent -- Set Top Box Auto-Correction


Also, if the problematic STB is a Motorola 6000 series, I'd recommend replacing it with a newer model.


Moreover, try the autocorrection technique for the MRDVR (if the above two are confirmed OK) via the remote.

Menu -- Customer Support -- In Home Agent -- Autofix MRDVR Issues

or DVR -- Autofix MRDVR Issues


If all else fails, contact Verizon's Technical Support at 1-888-553-1555.

By the way, if you have questions on your account or need to switch out equipment and there is a Verizon FiOS store in your area, then they can help you. You can give them a call; contacting the VZ FiOS store might be less time consuming than calling the 800 number for Customer Service.  For technical-related matters, though, they'll connect you right through to Technical Support.

Here is a list of Verizon FiOS stores:



Lastly, if the TV show is a fairly popular, the recorded episode might be available ON DEMAND via "Free & Premium" -- TV Shows --- By Network (find network name alphabetically) from the "On Demand" on the TV Remote.


Good luck!

Contributor jmkohl
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Thank you for your reply. 


The problem is occuring on both of my non-DVR STBs, so it would appear to be either a hardware or software issue, not a damaged unit. They are CISCO boxes which say CHS 335HDC on the front -- not sure how new or old that model is. I've had them for about 18 months. 


Reboot / Auto-Correction / Autofix MRDVR did not do the trick. 


At this point, if it happens again with a new recording (made after these attempts at fixes) then I will call and request new hardware. 

Contributor jmkohl
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It happened again. I'm going to request new hardware and hope that fixes it. (And demand a refund on this month's MR-DVR charge!) 

Contributor lawlerjunk2
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Has anyone heard any news about this topic ? I have the exact same problem. I spoke with Verizon the other day and was told that this is a known issue with Cisco boxes, Cisco is aware of the issue and is working on it.

So, I guess we wait ??

Contributor dks221
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Okay I have this problem!!! We have Motorola 71001for the STB in my bedroom and DVR is Motorola QIP7232 2.We have all but the pixel problem. First time I called they had me on the phone doing test for all most 2 hours. Then they sent new box tops and still not working. Then one day I could not get a local channel in HD so called back. They wanted me to run the test all over again. I said unless you are going to pay me for it I am not doing it. So they sent a tech out and he like it's just a splitter issue. He replaced a splitter outside and one inside. That did not work and by the time he got out here which took a week the local channel for HD resolved itself. So I call back and I did about 10 minutes of testing. They then told me they could not send a tech out just for this problem and there was nothing wrong on their end or with any of their equipment. They said it must have something to do with MY wiring inside my house and that I needed to take care of it. Now let's not forget who put all this wiring my house! So we are paying $145.00 a month for FIOS T.V. and internet. We have no movie channels and we don't rent any movies. When I try to watch a program that is free on demand channel the show freezes also. All is fine non the DVR. This is crazy and I have been putting up with it for 8 months now. If anyone knows what to do or who to call I would be most grateful. The last time I talked to them I told them that this is false advertising. Thanks!!!
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