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Multi-room DVR 30 second skip stops working

Multi-room DVR 30 second skip stops working

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When I watch DVR'd shows on my non-DVR box, the 30 second skip stops working in the middle of shows.  This does not happen on the DVR box itself.  Verizon has already sent a replacement box and same problem.  When it happens, the display looks like there is no time left in the recording.  When I hit stop and the resume play, it jumps about 10 minutes back in the show but shows the correct time remaining.  It is particularly annoying when watch longer shows because I have to stop and go back in several times.  Clearly replacing the hardware didn't fix it.  It seems to me to be a software issue.  Am I alone or is this a common issue?  Thanks.

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More specifics about this problem.  It seems to happen when I watch a program on the non-DVR box that is being recorded on the DVR.  For instance, when I record a two hour show and start watching 30 minutes after it starts, the non-DVR box displays 30 minutes recorded.  When watching and skipping commercials, it stops skipping at the 30 minute point.  If I stop and resume play, it now says I have say 50 minutes recorded.  It stops skipping again at the 50 minute point.  This is clearly some type of software issue.  Never had this problem with Comcast multi-room DVR.  Verizon please fix it.  Thanks.

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I've seen this before.  Instead of using skip, the FF button works.  Not sure why the skip button quits working.


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Thanks for that try, but the FF capability stops at the same point the skip forward stops.  Verizon please help.



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Are you trying to watch a program that is currently recording?  


For example, let a show record for 20 minutes so you can skip the commercials, then start watching from the beginning?


Because if so, Verizon's software will act exactly like you're describing.  It fails on this use-case scenario -- after 20 minutes have elapsed (your initial recording time), you will be unable to fast forward and your recording time will read 0:00.  You have to Stop playing the recording, and Resume.


This annoys me to no end that (lowly) RCN can get this right, and Verizon can't.

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That is exactly what is happening.  Thanks for confirming that others have seen this issue.  Never had this problem with Comcast and you didn't have it with RCN.  Now we need Verizon to acknowledge this problem and fix it.

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