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Multiroom DVR 7232 IMG 1.9 -- watching while recording problem

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Copper Contributor
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Multiroom DVR 7232 IMG 1.9 -- watching while recording problem

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Had FIOS installed last week and so far, everything has seemed to work fairly well.


Setup: Suffolk, Long Island

Multiroom DVR 7232-P2 

STB (2) 7100 P2

IMG 1.9

Internet plan is the 50/25 plan.


Tonight was the first issue I ran into. I was watching a movie on Encore HD on Live TV via one of the STBs. A phone call came in that I had to take, so I hit record and told it to record to the bedroom DVR (the multiroom DVR), then hit pause. My call was done in about 10 minutes and I went and hit "play" on my paused, now recording movie. It was pretty much unwatchable... all stuttery and jumpy (both audio and video). I paused again and hit play... same thing. I tried rewinding and fast forwarding. Same result. Switching back to live TV, it was fine.


I chalked it up to a fluke, but then mentioning it to my husband he said he's had the same problem a few times in the bedroom (where the actual DVR is). We've both been pretty sick lately and watching separate TVs, so it's the first he mentioned the problem to me.


I've recorded a bunch of stuff over the last week and haven't had any problems with watching recorded shows, which I've mostly been doing by streaming to a STB. Hubby says he has no problems with recorded shows either. It only seems to be with pausing live TV or watching a recording slightly delayed, while it's in the process of recording.


Anyone have a similar issue with the multiroom DVR setup?




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Silver Contributor I
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Re: Multiroom DVR 7232 IMG 1.9 -- watching while recording problem

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I have something similar going on, also with Multiroom DVR 7232 IMG 1.9.


If I watch a program while it's recording,  pause or FF or rewind almost never work.  Everything freezes.    I have to find the show on the Recorded menu and watch it that way instead of watching it live.  This is true for both the DVR and the STB.

The quality of the recording, however, seems normal.


I never noticed this problem until a few weeks ago.  I wasn't going to say anything about it, but since you did, I'll join you.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎04-02-2012

Re: Multiroom DVR 7232 IMG 1.9 -- watching while recording problem

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Tried again tonight and the same thing happened. Hit "record" while watching a show and then could not watch the show while it was recording without a lot of jittery-stuttering, both audio and video. Again, this is from one of the set-top-boxes.


I've barely had a chance to play with the DVR itself because hubby was sick when FIOS was installed and quarantined in the bedroom where the DVR is (LOL), and now I'm sick and quarantined in the playroom with the STB. Once we're both better, I'll play around some more, but at this point it appears there's a problem with any kind of pausing and playing while recording the same show.



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