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Multiroom DVR playback is severely lagging

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Multiroom DVR playback is severely lagging

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My multiroom DVR is in the living room and the other STB is in the bedroom.  The recorded programs play flawlessly on the DVR in the living room, but when I watch (try to watch) recorded programs in the bedroom, both the sound and video lag.  It is intermittent, but frequent enough to be annoying for recordings of "regular" TV, but it is CONSTANT for recorded live TV, e.g. sports-- making it totally unwatchable.  For as much as Verizon is charging for a MRDVR, it needs to work perfectly.


I tried the In-Home Service (whatever it's called) via the menu and no change.  I decided to try here, before moving on to calling technical support, which I'm afraid will not be a positive experience.  I have to admit, I'm very much of a techno-novice.


My STB is a CHS 335HDC model. The MRDVR is a CHS 435HDC model.


Has anyone experienced this too a been able to manage a fix?

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Re: Multiroom DVR playback is severely lagging

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I've encountered a similar issue when I have a TV in 2 rooms on the same channel.  They are slightly out of sync.   But it's only noticeable when I'm walking from one room to the next, at the point where I hear both. So it's not a problem. 


Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a solution for that at the consumer level.  To sync them would require that all STBs be built with a user adjustable signal delay.   Similarly to some devices that allow for syncing of audio and video. This isn't a Verizon problem.  It is a limitation of the available equipment.  Manufacturers are unlikely to add that capability without a demand for it.  And I suspect there isn't much of a demand for watching the same program on two STBs simultaneously.

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Multiroom DVR playback is severely lagging

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I believe what walt178 is describing is the DVR delay that is created because the DVR buffers everything you are watching on the hard drive before showing it to you, creating a delay if you are trying to watch/listen to a DVR and an STB at the same time. If this is your issue, then there is no fix. But your issue sounds different.


It sounds like you are describing audio/video sync problems while watching recorded programs on an STB. If I get A/V sync issues on my DVR, I just hit pause and then play and the issue is fixed. This is the easiest fix. I do not get this issue on my STB's. There are several things you can try at the user level, and would probably be instructed to do so if you called customer service. But whether or not any of them would fix this issue, I have no idea. If you want to give them a shot, keep reading.


When you are not recording anything or scheduled to record anything in the next several minutes...


Run an auto-correct by choosing one of the following pathways, then following the on-screen instructions.


Menu > Customer Support > Fix FiOS TV Issues > OK
Menu > Customer Support > In-Home Agent > Fix FiOS TV Issues > OK
Menu > Customer Support > In-Home Agent > Set Top Box Auto Correction > OK


There is also an MRDVR fix. I don't know if it does the same thing as auto-correct or not. It also resets all of your boxes. Follow any of the above three pathways or the two below, choose the second option and follow the on-screen instructions.


DVR > Auto-fix MRDVR Issues > OK

Menu > Customer Support > In-Home Agent > Auto-fix MRDVR Issues > OK


If you need any help following these suggestions, just post back here. Hope this helps.

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Re: Multiroom DVR playback is severely lagging

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I have the very same issue with audio/video 'choppiness' during playback of recorded TV on a remote STB; even when the 'main DVR' (MRDVR) is not in use.


In the process of troubleshooting coax runs, terminators, and splitters.  Will attempt a Passive Return amplifier, as well.

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