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My STB is turning my tv off

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My STB is turning my tv off

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My stb keeps turning my tv off, but the stb does not go off.  It sometimes happens 6 or 7 times in an hour.   I have noticed the problem is worse during lunch time and between 5:00 and 7:00 pm.  I also have internet problems during the same time.   Don't know why the time would matter, but it seems to.  My Mitsubishi TV is a DLP and the manual says that the tv powers off due to momentary power fluctuations. I bought a new surge protector when the problem started, but it did not help.


I have reset my router (which is on a surge protector) changed the cable from stb to tv, and from wall to stb.   I do not have this problem when using my DVD player. Also tried a surge protector.  I called tech support tonight.   Told him everything I had tried.  He said call an electrician.


I said that I didn't need an electrician.  He put me on hold and came back and had me turn my router off and on and tell him what the lights were doing.  I did.  He said call an electrician.   I said I want Verizon  to come out and check my lines.  He put me on hold for 15 minutes.  Came back on the line and said HE COULD NOT send someone to check my lines, and I should call an electrician.


I had problems for months last winter.  I spent hours on the phone with tech support.  They sent two different stb's, then a new router.  Finally they sent out a Verizon technician, and wow the problem was with .... my line.  I tried to tell them that from the beginning.  I have only had FIOS for 18 months, and most of the time I have had some type of problem.


I threatened to cancel my service tonight.  Still no help.   How do I get Verizon to take this seriously.   I don't want to pay an electrician to come out and tell me my problem is not electrical, in order to get Verizon to take care of this.


Help me!!!!

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Re: My STB is turning my tv off

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Are you using HDMI?  If so, check your TV's settings for anything called HDMI control, HDMI CEC, or anything that it sounds like power control and disable it.  HDMI CEC allows a STB to control the power on your TV.


There is also a known issue with select Samsung and Mitsubishi DLPs where a STB/DVR in close proximity can produce enough RF to interfere with certain TV components; the TV responds by shutting itself off.   If I recall correctly, these components reside towards the rear/back of the TV.  The solution is to pull your equipment out or move it to a lower shelf, so it's not quite so close to the bottom (or bottom rear) of the TV.  If your DVD player and STB are on different shelves, you might swap them.

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