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My set top boxes keep resetting

My set top boxes keep resetting

Contributor gmhite
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A few months ago, we looked into getting NHL center ice and Verizon (who answers the phone very quickly when you're adding services) told us we had to replace our boxes to new ones.  We replaced the boxes and they kept shutting off, we never had any issues with the old ones.  I called and the technician told me to turn it back on and then said he couldn't help me because the box was on a functioning! It lessened over the last few months but kicked back up again this week.  I called and did the chat but can't seem to email or interact with a real person who is able to fix the problem.  I'm ready to switch to Comcast, is there anyone that is having the same issued and possibly had it resolved?


Thanks so much for the feedback!

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Bronze Contributor III
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The reason that your old boxes would have to be replaced is because they were model 6xxx or older. These older boxes cannot decode the newer channel formats.


The most common reasons that an STB resets are as follows:

power outages
internal errors
software / firmware updates
overheating / ventilation issues

I have also found that performing certain activities can increase the likelihood of a box reset. These activities include prolonged Guide and On Demand menu use, especially looking up a lot of Information page descriptions. If you are performing the same type of activity each time the STB resets (e.g., looking up the same information page to the same program), this is a rare and unfixed issue that I've already notified Verizon about.

The bottom line is, if you're not having power issues (including power drop-downs/brownouts) and your STB's have enough clearance around them to stay cool, you're probably looking at bad boxes. The strange thing would be that you are reporting more than one with the same issue. If you have one box that is not having this issue, swap it with a box that is and see if the issue follows the box or the location. If it is happening to all of your boxes at the same time, it could be a power issue, a regional update, or something else causing your boxes to receive a reboot command. In the end, if this keeps happening you'll need to contact Verizon directly and have them walk you through all the steps to exchange your STB's. Maybe just replace one and see if the problem continues. Several boxes with the same issue is strange. Perhaps they shipped you a bunch that needed maintenance.

Short of this, you can always try the STB Auto Correct. Post back here if you need help doing this.

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Contributor Galever
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I have a multi room dvr that is rebooting on its own. Also sometimes the screen goes green and then it loses signal.
Contributor alacr182
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My boxex keep resetting. This started happening after my boxes were updated. Why would Verizon release a buggy update? It is getting annoying. 

Contributor Ric91stang
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For this past week my Home DVR STB has started to reset itself and it does it 4-5 times a day.  You hear a click and then box goes off.  The STB display goes from time screen to blank for 2 seconds then to 8.8:8.8 for 4 seconds then another click and the display goes to blank for 2-3 seconds. Then to the FIOS download screen on TV for about 15-20 secs. Then TV shows the Verizon Fios screen saver and STB display shows normal time/channel. This is getting very annoying and also causes DVR recordings to duplicate the recordings because of the interruption. Is this a STB issue? I have had the STBs for over 4 years.


Release# 1.9.5

Build# 17.17

Platform QIP-6416 P2

Zip 76248


Also for past 5-6 months by Router kicks off all inetrnet connections randomly during the day. All my devices will show lost internet connection and we have to wait about 2-3 minutes for a reconnect. I thought maybe we had to many devices taking to much bandwidth. So I upgraded to Quantum and still same issue. Could this be a bad Router too?

We normally have 2 PCs, 4 cell phones, one tablet and an Xbox connected.


Any help would begreatly appreciated.

Contributor masterchief47
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I am having the same problem I am so sick of verizon fios that I am considering switching to dish tv or comcast and tech support really sucks.  I am getting tired of missing five or ten minutes of shows every 15 or 20 minutes


Contributor masterchief47
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my does the same thing, I am tried of the run around from verizon after two years the service has gotten to be bad.


Contributor joker17675
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MY set top box shuts off and reboots,then after a few minutes the picture comes back on,but the setshuts off again.I can't see a movie because the set keeps shutting off.I tried calling ,but I am told there is high volume.

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I have had decent luck requesting support via twitter (@verizonsupport).

Possibly give them a try.

Or take a look at thsi thread and see if it offers any suggestions for you: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-TV-Technical-Assistance/Set-Top-Boxes-endlessly-reboot/td-p/636937

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Contributor startnout
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This keeps happening to me as well. Its happened at least twice in the past week and lasted atleast half an hour each time.

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