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My top 10 gripe list for FIOS DVRs and Program Guide (vs Comcast mostly)

My top 10 gripe list for FIOS DVRs and Program Guide (vs Comcast mostly)

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My top 10 gripe list for FIOS DVRs and Program Guide (vs Comcast mostly)

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9-10 days post installation (Oct 23) and here are my issues / discoveries with FIOS (dual CHS435HDC DVRs).


What is the concensus out there in experienced FIOS-land? 


My list:


(1)   In general the FIOS menu system is very “layered”, a lot more button pushes to get things done (vs COMCAST)

(2)   Very small font sizes:  I often watch on a small 24” monitor and the Program Guide and especially the DVR menus are pretty tiny from more than a few feet away

  1. There does not appear to be any option for resetting fonts to be larger.
  2. A lot of the space seems wasted with gray or black areas – FIOS use of small fonts does not convey that much more useful information in a space efficient manner.

(3)   SCHEDULED (future) program recordings often have the original AIR DATE (channel dependent) – who keeps track of that in their heads? -- but NEVER any access to episode title (until AFTER it is recorded).

(4)   Also there is no “Season/Episode” numbering information ala the COMCAST convention of, e.g., S02/Ep04 = Season 2 Episode 4

  1. And I might add almost all Internet based episode guides use a similar convention.
  2. For the above I need an Internet based episode guide on a tablet with original AIR DATES to know which recordings (scheduled or bagged) I can safely delete!

(5)   Two INFO button presses are needed to get to the EPISODE TITLE info for a recorded program (if it has one).  Really you couldn’t squeeze the episode title on the first screen?


(6)   Cancelling a conflicting program (say attempting a third recording at 7:00 pm) does not automatically restore one of the other recordings to SCHEDULED).

  1. FIOS: This has to be done manually.
  2. Automatic is the COMCAST default by the way.

(7)   Between you and COMCAST this horrendous “non-feature” is almost a tie:

  1. If I try to schedule a third time slot, FIOS will show the other two conflicting programs or series; but the INFO button doesn’t work so I don’t know which one might be a duplicate that I watched previously.  Once it offered to move the recording to the other DVR, a nice touch, but maybe now that they are both packed with scheduled programs so I don’t see this option any more.
  2. On the COMCAST downside:  It shows one of the conflicting programs but not the other; you have to hunt for it in SCHEDULED RECORDINGS which is not too bad because of the flatter menu system circa MS-DOS 1985 (as I have come to appreciate) it is fairly quick to get to and locate.
  3. On FIOS the UP/DOWN Channel buttons bring up the CONFLICT SCREEN (lower right corner) if two recordings are in progress but the default OK button press would DELETE one of them!  Is this really the best approach – DELETE is the DEFAULT?

       i.       On COMCAST the default is “SWAP TO OTHER RECORDING” (I suppose they have a patent on this feature!)

      ii.       It is only TWO recordings!  What could be simpler or more probable than swapping?


  1. The only way on FIOS to find out more information on WHICH CONFLICT you might wish to DELETE, or to SWITCH to that other recording, is to key in that channel number; obviously a bit of a challenge on series like “Law and Order” which can be carried on 5 or more different channels.  Locking out the INFO an d MENU buttons on a schedule conflict is JUST PLAIN STUPID!

      i.       Again is this the best that could be implemented?

(8)   On FIOS I have noticed significant start program latency (early or late); highly unpredictable.

  1. Sometimes the program starts 30 sec to a minute into the program (recording); sometimes a minute or more early.
  2. Run length can also run “over” on, say, a one hour program.

(9)   Finally please tell “India support” that the problem is almost never solved by

  1. unplugging the battery (FIOS base station) or
  2. doing a remote COMPLETE RE-SET of the DVRs.
  3. This is just a stupid scripted piece of trash on their check lists when they don’t have any real answers or help to offer.  Just say “we can’t help with that”.

(10)                         With a DVR re-set today (Friday, 11/8) I am finally able to turn a single episode recording into a series recording without too many button presses!

(11)                         The remote is very weak:  Almost have to aim it right at the STB sensor to get any response even from 12 feet away…


I still have 21 days and am seriously considering returning to COMCAST (and getting put on the wait list for an X1 box!)


Tough it out for 2 years or go back to COMCAST next two weeks?


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