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NBC Sports Extra Live fails

NBC Sports Extra Live fails

Contributor oi-sze
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I am subscribed to FIOS with TV programming plan that should enable me to watch NBC Sports Live Extra online. Last time I did it was last year. Worked OK.

Today I attempted using it and got into an endless loop that looks like failure to recognize my login (I am doing this from home on FIOS Internet connection). There is no issue with my username/password as I can login to MyVerizon properly. Also, if I intentionally enter wrong username or password to NBC site it properly fails with proper error message. However, when I attempt to login with proper username and password, site just goes back to the login page and does not allow me to watch content, no error message.

Checked NBC FAQ and all should be well (latest supported browser, Firefox and Flash version, confirmed finctional; cleared cookies and cache, restarted browser and PC; all cookie and other browser settings set as they require and all add-ons disabled).

There is no support contact on NBC site and , anyway I am paying for this feature to Verizon... What is the problem? How to solve it?


Contributor eboot
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I've had the same problem.


I'm on a Windows phone with the latest Cyan OS.  I've not been able to access the content for quite some time.  Seems to me to be a Fios side problem.


Also has been a problem for over a year and no real solutions or responses from Verizon on the issue.


I know I'm authorized because I can use the same content on my laptop, but the apps, both on the Windows phone and on Windows 8.1 don't let it through.


Would someone please start working this out between the provider and the app developer???

Contributor liquidx
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I'm also having trouble using the NBC Sports Network Live. On the desktop, I can successfully sign in, but it insists that I'm not subscribed to NBC Sports Network, which I am on Preferred HD. And then on the iPad, I can also sign in, but it insists that I should also have subscribed to the Golf Network, which I don't, but I only want to watch te NBCSN content.


There's no way to contact anyone on the NBC side and I can't tell whether this is something that is NBC or Verizon's fault.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Just posted about this for HBO.  I tried this for NBC SPORTS and hit the Problem UNLESS I FIRST SIGNED OUT of Verizon website.


From my HBO post

A bunch of things lead to problems loging into HBO GO and many other Online Channel sites.


  • You must get HBO (or whatever channel you are trying to use) from Verizon
  • At least the first time you may first have to sign out of the Verizon site.  It gets confused easily.
  • You must allow third party cookies
  • You must be running Flash, Flash must be allowed to store info for third parties.
  • You must not have your Browser options set to delete Information when exiting Browser.  Flash takes this as deleting information when exiting a site.

The general way it works is for you to go to HBO GO site.  Ask to look at something and it switches in a FRAME pointing to VERIZON and you signin. Verizon stores some information in flash and returns. That information must still be there so that HBO accepts you as authorized


Employee Employee
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Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it? 


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Platinum Contributor III
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@Verizon_Support wrote:

Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it? 


See my comment about logging out of Verizon FIRST.  Definitely applies to Desktop versions and PHONES.

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