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NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

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NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

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Anyone else finding that the HD version of NBC Sports (channel 590) has no audio (except of course on the commercials  Smiley Frustrated )?  SD version on channel 90 is fine.


Just went to playback the Indy Lights race recorded earlier and the whole recording (other than some commercials) is like watching a silent movie.  Surpisingly closed captioning is working even though the audio is silent.


EDIT - Amazingly shortly after posting this the audio returned (after being out for over 2 hours that I know of).


EDIT2 - May have spoken too soon.  Now the show on (7:13 PM) has audio but some of the station pormos are still coming in silent.

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Re: NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

I'm having the same problem in south jersey
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Re: NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

Yep, same problem. Very annoying although I am thinking it's not necessarily Verizon but NBC Sports Net.

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Re: NBC Sports HD (channel 590 VHO8) - NO AUDIO!!

Well I did not see the issue here in North Texas today, so what if anything does that say? I don't know, a regional Verizon issue maybe?


After seeing the original post here I watched my recording of the Indy Lights race, audio was just fine. And over maybe a two hour period I checked 590 live a half dozen or so times after watching the recording, all was fine.


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