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New Customer - Have had MISERABLE experience with Verizon service and Customer service

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New Customer - Have had MISERABLE experience with Verizon service and Customer service

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I am a brand new customer of Verizon Fios and so far I have zero good things to say about it.  If it wasn't for the aggrevation of switching cable companies, I most definitely would go back to Comcast.


I moved into a new home in the middle of April.  The previous owner had Verizon Fios in this house, so there was minimal installation that had to be done when I initially set up my cable.  My house was pretty much empty at the time, so we had the TV's set up where we had a place to put it (upstairs, kitchen, and living room).  We recently bought bedroom furniture, so we could now move the TV to where we initially wanted it, in our bedroom.  However when we tried to hook it up to an outlet, no picture came though.  This is when my awful experience with verizon customer service (or lack there of) began.


I took time out of my work day to call Verizon about this problem.  I was on hold for about 30 mins until I actually heard a human's voice.  He was unable to help me since I was not at home to unplug and plug things back in. 


I called again when I was home, this time I was on hold for about 20 mins (wow)... the first person could not help me, so she transferred me to another department... put on hold for 35 mins.... this perosn couldnt help me either and they transferred me back to the SAME DEPARTMENT I WAS INITIALLY TRANSFERRED FROM.... put on hold for about 45 mins... finally i speak with someone that knows what they are talking about.  Of course I have to go through all the same steps that I did the first time which did not work.  As this person decides I need a technician, he begins to look up available dates... and then after an hour and 35 mins on the phone, it gets disconnected!  I wait for 5 minutes to get a call back but I get NOTHING.  I spent now 2 hours trying to deal with this and verizon doesnt even call me back when its their phone that gets disconnected? Thats terrible.


I call back after 10 mins and am put on hold right away (obviously).... after 25 mins of being on hold, shocker - the call is disconnected again.


That was enough for one day


I call back again the next day... same old thing... put on hold for 30 mins, talk to one person who cant help me, transferred to another department and put on hold for 20 more mins.


Finally with the tech department who says they are going to schedule a tech to come out to fix the problem but also mentioned they are going to charge me $55 for this! Are you kidding me?????? Verizon wastes about 4 hours of my life and busy day and then has the nerve to say they are going to charge me for it? I asked the person several times if I could speak with a manager or supervisor, they never let me.  I asked multiple times and she just said that they wouldnt be able to help me and that the charge would stick.


I can't imagine that anyone would treat a brand new customer like this.  I will not recommend Verizon to any one until I see some kind of help or REAL customer service from them.

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