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New DVR Menu format inferior to pervious one -- CHS 435HDC box leaves me wanting

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New DVR Menu format inferior to pervious one -- CHS 435HDC box leaves me wanting

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The new menu is less intuitive and harder to use.


1. Restore the Submenu for Folders. Pressing that little (C) button at the bottom of the remote to delete Folders does not cut it for us power users.

Synopsis: The DVR’s recorded programs’ Submenu (Resume Play, Delete, Play from Start, etc.) for maintaining Recorded Programs and importantly, the Folders of Recorded Programs (Play, Expand, Delete), has enabled us to delete whole folders as well as the individual program with the easy to use OK button and UP/DOWN Arrows. This Submenu had been activated when we clicked OK on our remote while the Folder was highlighted (similar to the way we still do for recorded programs). Unfortunately, that menu has been removed with regards to the Folder. Instead of activating the menu when pressing OK, we enter the folder and the recorded programs within are immediately listed. In order to delete these folders now, we must press the tiny red round (C) button at the bottom of the remote. This change is unnecessary. For accidental deletions of folders, restoring these deleted folders through the Manage Deletions option has sufficed. Changing from a menu to a tiny little (C) button at the bottom of the remote to delete the folders makes the DVR ‘LESS’ user friendly. Please restore the Submenu for Folders.


2. Display the “Your DVR is __% full” at all times.

Synopsis: As we scrolled through our list of Recorded Programs and Folders, we could see clearly the Percentage Full our DVR was. You have removed this in favor of, well, nothing! It seems only to be available when in the main menu (e.g. View Recordings, Scheduled Recordings, etc.). This is handicapping us when performing maintenance on our DVR.


3. PLAY, FORWARD, SKIP, etc. buttons (actions) should control current program being viewed, whether it is LIVE TV or a Recorded Program – even if we are in the DVR menu screen.

Few other things can be more annoying than pressing the PLAY button and have a highlighted folder or program start playing instead of controlling the program in progress (LIVE or Recorded). PLAY should resume a PAUSED program that is in progress. Please address this.


4. When moving UP or DOWN through the list of recorded programs and folders, allow the HIGHLIGHT to move down a few items before fixing position.

Synopsis: Keep the HIGHLIGHT in the middle of the list so the two or three programs before and after the HIGHLIGHTED program are visible. It is annoying to maintain the HIGHLIGHT at the top of the menu and have everything before the HIGHLIGHT hidden. This makes it feel like we are at the top of the list when we are not.


5. Line up the Program Information with the program submenu (Delete, Resume Play, etc.) – one above the other on the left side of the screen.

It is easier on the eyes and senses to line up the Program Information and the control submenu (Delete, Resume Play, etc.) in the left-hand corner. You now display the Program Information in the upper-right corner, while the submenu is cattycornered in the lower-left. Move the ‘Program-in-progress window’ to the right side and the problem is solved nice and neat and will be easier on the eyes and senses.


6. The hues used to distinguish between viewed programs and not-yet viewed programs are so similar and pale (white vs. off white) that I cannot discern one from the other. Please change the colors to White vs. vivid Yellow, or something comparable in contrast.


FINALLY, since I have your attention, this box (CHS 435HDC) is awful. I cannot set:

  • a wakeup time (let alone multiple wakeup times)
  • a shutoff time (or sleep timer if you prefer)
  • multiple reminders for the same daily program – not without having to do it manually for each occruance
  • There is no picture-in-picture which IS available in the standard Cablevision box with a DVR


GOOD NEWS to note: The Search window seems much better. It allows LIVE TV or a Recorded Program to continue to play and be displayed in a small window while searching through the Search window. Also, the Yellow-Triangle, Green-Diamond, and Red-Circle buttons (to Spc, Del, and Clr) is very useful. Thank you.

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