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New DVR Scheduler Bugs: Priority Settings No Longer Working, Scrolling Series Schedules is Flakey

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Bronze Contributor II
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New DVR Scheduler Bugs: Priority Settings No Longer Working, Scrolling Series Schedules is Flakey

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After this last HD DVR update, I have two new problems:


1) I can no longer set the priority of most of my series schedules. I have about 100 series schedule entries, which the DVR update probably wasn't tested for.


Now when I try to set a series priority, it LOOKS like it worked, but if I get out of DVR options and go back into Manage Recordings, 90% of the time I find that the series priority is either unchanged, or (even worse) has bounced up to some unexpected random priority - Thus, I have to search the series list  to find it - Then I cannot move it back to where it's supposed to be!


It seems that only moving a series priority a little bit will sometimes work, but moving the series from near the top of the list to near the bottom (or vice-versa) doesn't work at all, even though it may appear like it worked until the list is refreshed (either by paging up and down the list a few times, or by exiting the DVR manager and going back in).


2) The scrolling is messed up now in the series schedule manager - When setting Priority, as I scrool up or down from the middle of the list using the arrow or Page buttons,  the list will end unexpectedly, making it impossible to actually drag the series to the bottom or top of the list. Then if you deposit the series at the "end" of the list, suddenly the rest of the list will then magically appear (of course, the series schedule you deposited there will no longer be where you deposited it - See problem #1). Obviously the list is running out of buffer space, so the next part of the list isn't being loaded while you're in the process of changing a series priority..


Scrolling is also messed up just scrolling through the list without changing priority: Scrolling through my series schedules USED to be very FAST and painless using the Page (Channel) up/down button, I could scroll from top to bottom of my 100 series schedules in a matter of like 5 seconds. NOW, it takes forever and is a real pain to scroll from top to bottom, because the scrolling pauses on just about every other page - As though it ran out of buffer space and is having trouble loading the next buffer.


I have a lot of series schedule entries so all the First-run Programs are at the top of the priority list, then all the re-runs are in the bottom half of the list. That's the only way I have found to prevent Re-Runs from hijacking new programs, since there's no DVR option to prevent re-runs from inteferring with new episodes (BTW, in order for this to work, the First-Run schedule must be created first. Then a duplicate First-Run and Reruns schedule must be created - Creating them in reverse order will throw a "Duplicate" error message).


The DVR software has always been buggy and feature-depribed, but this is rediculous - To think the programming team didn't even test the scrolling and priority of series schedules is as bad as the ObamaCare website, and that's setting a very low bar! You HAVE to test EVERYTHING when you release new updates, even if the programmers say it won't affect anything else, because from my experience programmers develop tunnel vision (been there, done that myself), and if you have more than one person on the programming team, neither programmer will communicate their changes to anyone else (been there, done that too).



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Re: New DVR Scheduler Bugs: Priority Settings No Longer Working, Scrolling Series Schedules is Flake

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I have the identical problem after the recent software upgrade which VERIZON did to my DVR.


In addition, I have "Manual Series" listed under the "Manage Series Recordings" section of my DVR for about 10 of the tv shows that I have tagged to be recorded weekly. Several others have reported this seemingly related problem to this forum.


I've tried twice to report the latter problem to VERIZON's technical support staff, but met with indifference in the first attempt (a guy recommended that I replace my DVR with a new one - an utterly ridiculous suggestion), and in my second attempt I got a somewhat helpful lady who couldn't correct this glitch and was unaware of others having same problem but promised to send it up the flagpole to higher level tech folks (best action that I realistically could get).


As I told VERIZON's techies, I likely was not the only customer experiencing these problems - and your and others postings to this forum confirm my initial hunch.  VERIZON leaves a lot to be desired in the testing of their software "upgrades".

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