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New DVR features?

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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New DVR features?

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I recently recorded the UMD-Duke game, and I noticed as I fwd and then hit play, the program will pick up about 3 seconds prior to where I hit play.  I have never noticed this.  Is this something new?  If so, I love it!


secondly, b/c the game lapsed past the 11pm scheduled end time, the DVR ended the recording.  I was very disappointed to see that the DVR did not complete the program.  I understand that the DVR feeds off the guide, but I thought that it was dynamic enough where it would recognize if the program lasted longer than it's scheduled time slot.


is this something that VZ will look into enhancing?



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Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Re: New DVR features?

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The 3 to 5 second jump back from FF used to be there in an earlier incarnation of the STB firmware.  Agree it was a great little feature to allow for human reaction time.


As for the sporting event, there is no system that I am aware of that can detect when a live event goes past its scheduled time slot - they all work off the guide.  I always add anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour past the shceduled end time (depending on the type of event).

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Re: New DVR features?

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I have several enhancements:

1) FIOS needs a dead channel to tune to when the box is powered on.  This channel must not use the tuner.  It could even be Verizon advertising and I would be happy.  I tape a lot of sports and other shows at the same time.  Because there are two tuners, one of the tuners will be tuned to something I am taping and often is the sports.  I often sees scores on the screen before I can select a recorded program to watch.

This same dead channel should be used for the Media Manager so that when an album is done, the TV channel doesn't come back on.


2) A way to change the jump durations forward and back on the remote without diving into the menu would be nice.  Right now we have to go into the menu to change it.  Long recordings, like the Olympics, benefit greatly from 5 minute jumps.


3) When recording a show, there should be a record episode with options.  In fact this could be the default.  I like to set recordings a little longer to ensure I get the whole thing.  To do this now I have to go back and edit the recording in the DVR menu.


4) There should be a way to increase the length of a current recording.  For example if you watching something and as you are watching it you realize it is going to run longer than the guide data says, there is no way to increase this current recording.  Instead you have to record the next program on the same channel.  Perhaps pressing the rec button while watching a recording would bring up the record episode with option window.


5) Using the Website to control the DVR needs a way to modify recording length on scheduled programs.  All you can do is record and delete programs but can't modify them at all.  This would be easy to do with a web interface.


Overall 1.7 is much improved and shows good progress.  Verizon keep up the good progress.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: New DVR features?

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And TRUE dual tuner swapping.  Not this "Last" button functionality we're stuck with.

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