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New FIOS TV customer - why are they still giving customers QIP6416 MRDVRs???

New FIOS TV customer - why are they still giving customers QIP6416 MRDVRs???

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You are lucky getting that model of DVR. Verizon representatives are not able to request any specific set-top-box models. Not even the technicians. The technicians are given instructions to bring a DVR type box or whatever you ordered. Tech Support can not request a specific model as well. They can only request a replacement unit. The reason for QIP 6416 DVR still getting installed or replaced with this model is that inventory warehouse still has them available. Once that model is all used or is required to be discontinued, then that model or future models will not be used. Please keep in mind that the Screen interface is the same across all DVR models so the model type so the model type is not an option. Yes there are some limitations or some issues with different models, but remember that this is with all types of electronics. If you have an issue with a model, then please tell Verizon so this can be documented. This will help improve the quality of service. Hope this helps.

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@hracer wrote:

 Please keep in mind that the Screen interface is the same across all DVR models


This will not be true once the newest version of the guide software is deployed.  The 6416 won't be able to take advantage of all the display options available in the new software and there are also hardware restrictions (not pertaining to the display).  Also, due to memory limitations in the older DVR model this is the last update it will be able to even partially support.  Additionally (because of the smaller memory) the response once the new guide is rolled out will be noticeably slower.


No new installation should get a 6416 as a DVR, and as they come back from the field they should probably be retired and not refurbished for shipment again. Verizon has already pulled the old 2500 (SD STB) off its list of available STBs for just the same reasons.

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@oneintouch wrote:

Welcome to the board. 


I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but for me, with 1.9 looming on the horizon, I'd be proactive and just pay the $40 for the new (awesome!) high-capacity DVR.   This way you'll not only be 1.9-compatible, but you won't have to be concerned about running out of recording space (like I was with my old DVR).   I did pay the $40 upgrade fee and I'm not disappointed that I made that decision, even though I thought it was a bit unfair to existing FiOS customers.  






I know this is disputed for accuracy, but I will repeat it here anyway: A VZ sales rep has told me that in order to get the 500GB 7232 model you must also have the multi-room DVR option as well (+$4/month), if you don't already have it. I ordered and got mine and then requested removal of the MR-DVR option and was told it could not be removed from my account. So my cost is actually a 1-time cost of $40... plus $48/year.


I would like to know how many of you out there have the new high-capacity DVR without the MR-DVR option.





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I don't think your VZ rep knows what is going on. I have a 7232, and I haven't had MRDVR for almost 2 years.


If you don't like your 6416 and you are within driving distance of a Verizon Experience Store, call the store to see if the 7232's are  in stock. If they are in stock, you can trade your 6416 over the counter for a 7232, no cost, no questions asked. That's what I did a couple months ago.Takes about 10 minutes to complete the paperwork.


If there isn't a Verizon Experience store in reasonable driving distance, you can pay the $40 fee (which probably just about covers Verizon's handling costs), and swap your unit for a 7232.




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@jmschnur  re (2), what was your specific problem with the HDMI?


I've been waiting for a new model to come out for some time.  I have a 7216 and my LG HDTV frequently loses the HDMI signal from the DVR (The TV works fine with all other HDMI sources e.g. blu-ray).  Verizon Fios tech support told me that the HDMI on the 6416 and the 7216 don't work well and that I should wait until a new model is available.

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EDIT: I contacted anthony here on the boards and he was able to get a new box shipped out to me 15 minutes after i sent my message to him. Thank you. 


we just had a new fios installation yesterday and the tech installed a a 6416 box. the only reason I know the model is because i have now spent atleast a dozen hours on the phone and researching why my guide is tiny in full mode and the box fucntions are clunky and barely functional. 


During our installation the tech installed qip-6416 box as our main dvr and a secondary hd box in the bedroom.

After he left without going through any of the box functions we noticed the full screen menu only shows us an hour ahead in the guide in full mode. Also the functions of the box are quite sluggish.

After going through all the trouble shooting steps i could find I then spent several hours searching the verizon online forums only to find that the 6416 boxes are having major issues with the 1.9 software update.

wondering why the installer would put an obviously flawed box in i figured it would be no problem to get an exchange for a 7xx series box. Boy was i wrong. Many frustrating hours later i now realize that this isn't going to be an easy fix.

I have spent quite some time on the phone with tech support and billing to be told several things ranging from there's nothing wrong with your unit to i will have to pay to have a replacement sent and there is no guarantee it will be a 7xx series. Is this true?

I was directed to our local verizon store where a extremely rude sales rep treated me as if i was a child and basically told me she has the 7xx series boxes but cant and wont swap it out for me. She also told me if i didn't like it I should go ahead and cancel my service? Really? I haven't even had fios for 24hrs..

After that I contacted via phone verizon sales. I told the rep what was going on and that I wanted to upgrade the bedroom standard box to a dvr and get the 6416 box replaced. The extremely nice woman i spoke with told me she should could do that for me however my installation order still hasn't been completed in the system for some reason and she couldn't help.

At this point I have spent many hours trying to resolve this issue on our brand new installation only to be treated rudely by csrs and given the run around.

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I was just quickly reading over this entire thread and I must admit that I don't get it either.  I only need an STB, not a DVR, and when I had my Verizon Fios installed 2 years ago, it was installed with the QIP7100 series, way before the 1.9 version of the TV Guide listing came out.  I must have really been lucky, all things considered!  The only major thing I had to do was replace my old analog TV with a flatscreen HDTV to accommodate the graphics on this TV Guide listing. 


And it's not a human being's fault that an older model is being shipped?  Just blame it on "the automated system"?  That's dumb because we all know that systems only do what they are programmed by a person to do.  Makes you wonder.  Isn't there a more practical way of clearing out outdated inventory without shortchanging the customer?


And why should anyone pay an extra 40 bucks just for an upgrade?  That's not fair.  So I guess the only conclusion from this is to go to a Verizon Fios TV store in person.   I bookmarked the list of Verizon Fios TV stores in my area...several weeks ago after having a conversation with someone else here about that very same thing because you never know.  40 bucks is a lot of money.


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I had a 7232 box go bad and took it back to the Verizon store.    They said they could not give me  a new one and they had to give me a QIP 6416.


Upper management made the decision to hand out those because they had them.


The store said they would not get any 7232's until the 6416's are gone.

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I'm from NJ and fortunately, I have not had that problem here but that stinks!!  Just think of the logic:  You're getting an upgrade to the TV Guide listing that you're supposed to run on outdated equipment which can't accommodate the graphics on the new program.  lol...I'm sorry but that's just laughable and incredulous if you ask me.  How is that supposed to make any sense?  And how is that some people here can get the upgrade while others can't?  Now *that* is poor customer service.  Before I really wasn't understanding what the problem was but in this context, I definitely get it.  

If I were in that position and Verizon were to refuse to give me an upgrade, I would switch providers too.  That's nervy telling customers that they just have to live with that and that it's not Verizon's problem and that there is nothing they can do about it, blah blah blah.  It *is* Verizon's problem!!  I think unfortunately, a lot of these corporate giants only will make major changes when they lose a lot of customers.  I seems like in this context, it's the loss of business that will force them to make changes in consideration of the customers to keep their business, just like what happened with Bank of America's idea of charging certain customers 5 bucks per month for the privilege of using their ATM cards to access their own cash.

Take your business elsewhere.  I didn't realize that this would be such a ridiculous ordeal for those of you who are now "stuck" with the QIP-6416.  If it were me, I would not accept that kind of garbage and I would definitely be fed up by then because then that would be a waste of my hard earned cash.  The outdated models should be pulled from the shelves and replaced with the new ones, plain and simple.  And if that's not done, then Verizon will lose a lot of business.  That is *not* the customer's fault by any means.







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I couldn't agree more. I'm currently stuck with a 6xxx series box (been paying the piper for 3 years) and am told I can get on a waiting list to pay $40 for an upgrade. Thanks but no thanks. I may just drop the box altogether. Getting really tired of corporate greed (add Netflix to your list too).



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