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New Fios Customer and Extremely Disappointed

New Fios Customer and Extremely Disappointed

Contributor kmd
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I just signed on to Verizon Fios because I've heard great things, however I've been extremely disappointed in what I've experienced so far.  
My set up for installation was Sat 1/4 between 9am-12pm.  The installer showed up late, at 12:10pm.  It then took him until 3:45pm to complete the installation- over 3.5 hours!  I have no idea why it took so long for him to come in, set me up with a dvr box and internet.  I was previously with Optimum and they were in and out with installation in 30 minutes AND they arrived within their window.   My entire morning and afternoon was gone because I had to wait around all morning because I thought he would show up before noon, and then I'm not really sure why it took him ALL afternoon to set up.
On Sun 1/5 as I was watching tv the screen went black.  It was on mute and all of a sudden it just shut off.  So I then spent over 2 hours on the phone first with an automated lady and then two different techs trying to fix the issue, which they concluded that I need a new set top box.  The earliest time they could give me is Wed 1/8 between 8am-8pm.  
This service window of 12 hours is absolutely beyond ridiculous!!  I have never heard of a 12 hour window before for anything!  Whenever I had an issue with Optimum, they were there the next day before 10am.  
I cannot take an entire day off from work to sit around my apartment waiting for a guy who will probably show up at 8:10pm.  (And I do not have family or friends nearby who can take the day to sit in my apartment for me in case the guy shows up between 8a-8p)  And it's crazy that I was just set up with cable/internet on late afternnon Sat, and within 24 hours cable's not working- and now I have to wait 3 days before anyone can come fix this??
I need my service window to be Wed 1/8 between 6:30pm - 8pm.  I'm ready to leave and go back to Optimum.
Thank you.
Contributor jakesteele25
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I know what you mean. I am also a new fios customer after newly 8 years with optimum. I am beyond disappointed and quite furious! The tech guys that installed my fios on 1/4/14 took 4+ hours and admitted that they are not familiar with fios all that well even though they have been working with Verizon for years. The picture quality is sub-par to optimum, I don't know if something went wrong with the installation, but I am left with extremely blurry SD channels and  slightly pixelated HD channels. If you can called that HD! I have had Tech support come over and they gave me all the excuses on under the sun and even insinuated that I am seeing things. Its really frustrating that I haven't been able to find a tech that is knowledgeable enough to fix this issue. 


Alas a customer service rep told me to give them another chance and that he will send an experience tech to my house on Monday 1/13/14 between 9-12am. If this tech person give me any excuse short from actually checking the splitter outside my door or  switching the wires, I am going back to optimum! Fios has been a complete nightmare to say the least and I hope both our issues get fix soon.

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