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New Last Watched/Viewed Feature

New Last Watched/Viewed Feature

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Others have posted that some providers provide this feature and they like it.

At least they provided the option to disable and go back to previous functionality.

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Contributor ejra
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Worked! Thanks!

Contributor statusquobuster
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this works; only way to counter the utter stupidity of Verizon

Contributor statusquobuster
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The core issue is how Verizon makes such awful changes.  Do they ever survey their customers?  It does not appear so.  The people who created and approved this crazy annoying change should be fired!

Contributor Cruzincat
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I came here after a long time not using the forums, to complain about this "upgrade".  Glad I did so I can disable it.  Thanks to whoever found the "fix" for this junk. I wish I had found the solution before the WS game last night.

Contributor Giacomo
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Absolutely terrible!!! Who thinks of these things ...really?? How can two steps vs. one be seen as an improvement. VERIZON- I hope you're listening!!

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Fios is giving a choice.  You can have it either way; 1 button push to the last channel or a menu to a list of recent channels.  I use it both ways.  For example When I'm watching evening news I go back & forth to multiple channels using the menu.  Most of the time, however, I use it the old way. I like having a choice.  Peope who don't, can set it and forget it.  No need to complain that I can see.

Contributor Ctrials
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Comcast has this feature.  It's something I've really missed since I switched to Fios.  It's great to be able to switch between OnDemand and live TV through the last feature.  Also, you can switch between multiple channels without having to remember what the third or fourth one was.  As someone said, it is great for watching multiple games or switching through the news.  Anything like that.  Really glad Verizon enabled it.  Unfortunately, since my boxes updated, I have lost OnDemand on one (I was told this is a system wide issue impacting many people?!).  Hoping that comes back!

Contributor R21
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THANK YOU so much! The new last viewed button change was THE most annoying thing.  As others have said, why would Fios make this a multi step process when 1 step is best. So stupid!  Who did they consult for this new "more efficient" process and then not let people know how to keep what they already like and prefer?  I tried to find a way to change it in a less hidden way but could not.  

@CRobGauth wrote:

I just found out that you can disable this and go back to the old version.
Go to Settings - System - TV - Last Watched Rail - Disable


Contributor JoeCBBA
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Hate it, hate it, hate it. I am so happy that I can go back to the old way to go back. Who comes up with this things? They should allow the remote to add a channel to favorites with one button!

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