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New Media Manager software?

New Media Manager software?

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Bronze Contributor II
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Alright, I've had IMG 1.6 for quite some time and I'm sick of reading about it supporting streaming videos using Media Manager.  Does anyone know when the next version of Media Manager will be available so I can finally stream some vids from my PC?  OR, is anyone beta testing this and have a copy they can throw out for some of us with IMG 1.6 to download and try out?
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Platinum Contributor III
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I believe the Beta test is still going on. I looked at participating some time back and decided I didn't really care enough about streaming to participate. Rumor (only) that I have heard is end of the year. And I don't think anyone is going to give you a copy of the software, there is very specifically a confidentiality agreement the test participants must agree to.


Here is a link to the trial signup site: https://www36.verizon.com/MM/Protected/TestTrack/Signin.aspx. I have read somewhere that they are no longer accepting applications to participate, but you could try to sign up and see.


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Bronze Contributor II
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Yeah, I already tried to sign up, but they closed the beta testing program.  But I figured I didn't want to sign up anyways since I didn't want to have another DVR shipped to my house (considering I already have the 1.6 upgrade).  I just want a copy of the software so I can try streaming videos.  If anyone has the latest Media Manager and is willing to hook us up, PM me.
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Rather than use media manager's VERY clunk interface, it is a whole lot easier to put videos on an SD card or USB memory stick and stick that into my DVD recorder.
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Bronze Contributor I
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Yeah I'd love to put a usb drive into my dvr and play videos that way too, except Verizon has disabled (purposely) the USB, eSATA, and FireWire ports on all their DVRs that they use, even the newer models like mine.  What a joke.  I want to go back to directv with Tivo.  I have a 750 GB hard drive that I was using for over a year with Tivo with no problems whatsoever, and now all of a sudden It's useless just because verizon says so.


Also, with Media Manager, I am finding posts from 2007 of this feature to be available "soon" and it still isn't.

My guess is that it's coded so bad they need to completely redo it, or something like that is seriously wrong.

In other words, I doubt it will be available any time soon.  It's funny, even with the current media manager, no audio will play on my DVR.

I find the song I want, press play, the status bar and timer moves, but no audio.


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Hopefully Verizon is listening to us!!
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The problem would not be with the software itself, because Media Manager works as advertised (allows viewing of photos and streaming of audio from your PC) in my setup, so there is something specific with your setup that is causing the problem.  In fact, I have the Media Manager software installed on multiple PCs on my home network, and the Multiroom DVR accesses images and audio from all of them just fine.


I'm not saying MM is perfect, as it needs LOTS of work, but right now, it does what it is advertised to do. 

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Bronze Contributor II
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Well... I finally gave up waiting for the new Media Manager software to be released.  I just got an AppleTV and PS3 a few weeks ago which both stream movies, photos, YouTube, Flickr, etc.  Much better slideshow features, better overall interface, and better backend software (TVersity (PS3) and iTunes (ATV)).  I'm just going to uninstall MM for now.  I'll revisit this when the MM software update is released and people report it works well.  I'm looking forward to see how the VLC media player engine is implemented with the upcoming MM software.
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I spoke with tech support a few days ago about another issue and asked about the update. He told me that it was in progress, but a major hurdle is the legality of it all. What will it stream? What types of file will it stream? How will it handle copyrighted material? Etc...hopefully sooner than later.
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I discovered that the audio will only play through Optical/Coax or RCA not HDMI for media manager.

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