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New Quantum Build 2.18.2 (9/11/2014)

New Quantum Build 2.18.2 (9/11/2014)

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So over at DSL forums they are reporting a new build that went out on 9/11.


Unfortunately in 11 pages they haven't really gotten to whether any of the issues/bugs that have been reported have been fixed.  Mostly about how not everyone is getting the IMG or how to force a box to do it.  


So they question is this: did you get the update and did it take care of the major issues, etc.


I did not receive it yet, but will try and force an update when I return home.  



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So the software has been out for a few days now, and nobody has any comments on the issues/bugs and what they are seeing?  


My boxes arrive tomorrow....


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OK, since you seem so eager for a response, I will  give you one. Smiley Happy


I have had my VMS/IPC boxes since early April, have had I think 4 software updates, the latest one last week. I was not having any major problems before the latest update, and I have not had any major problems since the update - really not even any minor problems that I can think of. Yes, the Guide and the Menu can be a little slow at times, but so what? It all works for me, and that is what is important to me.


I think some people are making a lot of mountains out of molehills, but that is just me, I have the Quantum TV setup to watch TV, not play with Widgets or the Menu or the Guide or VOD, etc., etc, etc.. I do record a fair amount of stuff, my 1TB drive is now about 75% full, and I never, ever buy VOD.


I am a satisfied Quantum TV user.


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Hi Justin,


Thanks for the feedback.  Smiley Happy It is interesting based on the feedback between here and DSLreports on the various issues people are seeing.


I am installing my boxes tomorrow and just care about reliable DVR service.  Coming from the older QIP DVR, I have come to expect a very reliable DVR and am hoping that continues.  I also dont care about widgets, VOD, etc


I guess I will find out tomorrow night....thanks for the feedback




BTW, from the looks of it between the two forums, either this last update fixed a bunch or problems or people all of a sudden dont care. Smiley Wink

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The latest update fixed the minor issues I was having. Everything has been working perfectly fine since.

No rec ghost light, I can scedule shows to record using search now, etc..

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I have noticed 2 big issues. On 1,TV with the DVR, every time I start a VOD title, it plays for about 5 minutes then the box shuts itself off to the "press Menu" screen. Very annoying and doesn't matter how long or short we've been watching regular tv. We then have to press menu and go through the whole on demand menu selection to start watching our program again.

Second issue is on a 4:3 SD TV with a remote media box. Whenever I change channels or use the guide, the screen flashes on/off like 3 or 4 times.

Not sure what to do to fix it, really miss the stability of the older boxes even though they were slower.
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