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New customer. One my HDdvrs (7200) keeps blacking out for a moment.

New customer. One my HDdvrs (7200) keeps blacking out for a moment.

Contributor snohofisher
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Just switched last week to Fios. I am concerned with a couple things.



1. My picture while watching some channels will go black for 2-10 seconds. Sometimes only seldom and others every few minutes. I have not noticed it on the bedroow 7200 but on my main one connected to my Sony LCD xbr it is driving me crazy.


2.I hate the small guide shrink.


3. On some sd channels I have to hit aspect on remote to stretch each time I change channel. With my Directv I just saved my preferance and it would stretch automaticly. This is a pain


Also I love the true HD channels on Fios. However on TBS HD and some basic HD cable type channels shows like Sienfeld looked while not perfect upconverted with Directv box, look terrible on Fios box.

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hi there.  A few different issues here, I am first going to address issue number 3.  You want to access the Diagnostics Menu on your Set top box, and change the 4:3 override to "stretch".  Here's how it's done:


While watching TV, go to your box and (in order) press "power" then "select" then "menu"

This will open your Menu

Use the "cursor" arrows on the box to scroll down to 4:3 override

Change to "stretch"

Press the power button on your STB


Let me know if this does it for you. 

Brian K
Verizon Telecom
Fiber Solution Center

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Contributor FiosFan69
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I'm with you buddy, not only does my HD DVR blank out for a few seconds, it does not remember my SD aspect ratio settings from one day to the next!!!!
Contributor efallah
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I am having the same problem where the audio/video randomly cuts to black for a few seconds then after a flash of artifacts, the a/v comes back. I have the same HD DVR (7216) and it’s connected to my TV via HDMI cable. I have tested the TV, and it works without this issue when using other HDMI connected devices i.e. blue ray player, xbox. My set top box is connected to the ONT with a short run of brand new coax, I have tested it and there is no signal loss, all connectors are firmly in place and everything appears fine. What’s up with that?

Contributor fioscustomer3
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Same thing here on my 7216 HD DVR Box, we thought it was cuz the cable wasn't burried. After they burried the cable same thing, it's like a random black out with loud noises lasting about 3 seconds, then the picture is all pixelized an then comes back. I am also using an HDMI cable, it seems to happen on HD channels.(Although I don't watch that much SD anymore so....). I have a Samsung LCD TV.
Contributor patrick78
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Have the same problem with it blacking out.  Watching TBS HD tonights.  Happening every few minutes for a second or two at atime.  9/20/09.  Getting pretty old...

Contributor richtrini
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Same for me.  I have had since April and I noticed that it started  after the upgrade to the new release.  It does not happen on my non-DVR boxes (7100 boxes), just on the HD-DVR (7216).


There is another thread where is it looks like people are having the same issue.


I have a Panasonic plasma connected via HDMI.  Also have a Panasonic Blu-Ray connected via HDMI (no problems) and a Roku box connected via Component (no problem).  LIke I said, seems to have started after the upgrade.

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