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No Data Connectivity on STB?

No Data Connectivity on STB?

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Alright, so this issue has been long overdue, this problem started ever since I received my service for FiOS TV and Internet approximately 18 or so months ago, I just never got around to it because it wasn't an urgent problem.


TV guide on the STB doesn't work. When I press the FiOS TV button on my remote, the popup on the TV shows "Program Information Not Available." When I go to Menu and select Message Center and hit OK, it says "Data currently not available. Please try again later."


In the initial set up, the tech guy was trying to fix it and said he couldn't and told me to call back the next day because it was getting late, I just never followed up.


I'm not sure if this helps, but this is the wiring diagram for my apartment: http://imgur.com/zL1HC1o


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Something on your drawing doesn't make sense.

You have coax coming from ONT to splitter.

You also show coax coming from cloud you call outside. Is that just an error in drawing?

So you get nothing on HD STB when you hit guide? Yet you can tune to channels?

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You can ignore the coax that comes from outside and going to the bedroom. I'm not sure if it's actually called an ONT, but the coax in the box says "moca/video out" which gets put into a splitter so that it can output to the STB in the living room and master bedroom. (Forgot to include an STB drawing in the living room).

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Let's focus on the STB in the Master Bedroom where the router is located.    What model router do you have?   Can you provide a list of which lights are lit and their color on the front?


Do you know how to login to administration page of the router?  If so, we're going to want to look at some settings there.   It sounds almost as if the local LAN MoCA is not configured or not set to bridge on the LAN side of the network (this is needed to allow the guide data to be downloaded and should be the default configuration on the router).


Have you ever performed a factory reset on the router since it was installed?  This will potentially screw up any WiFi configuraiton, but might be something we need to do.


Also, in a house or apartment?  


And ... is that coax shown from "outside" truly NOT there or at least completely disconnected?  We don't want it connected to another cable company's network as you'll have some weird signal leakage and other conflicts we don't want. 

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I have the Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I. Power, WAN Coax, Internet, LAN Ethernet 1, LAN Coax, and Wireless are all lit and green. Internet, Lan Ethernet 1 and Wireless are flashing.


Yes, I know how to login to the admin page.


I've performed a factory reset a few times in the page.




The Coax is non-functional, I just figured that I'd include it as a wiring diagram. The bedroom is using a TV antenna.

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OK  ... can you login to the router and click on the "My Network" page and tell me what devices you see?  We're looking to see if the STB's are being seen.


Next, on the My Network screen, click on the Network Connections setting and describe or post what you see.  Click on Advanced at the bottom of the screen and again post what you see.   Lastly, if you see a "Home/Office" network, click on it and post the settings.  With the exception of the MAC addresses and maybe some device names (feel free to blur it), there shouldn't be any sensitive information you can't post publicly. 

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Is it possible that the router is defective?

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This all looks right.  I don't think it's a defective router since the provisioning is via Coax in the first place -- thus the MoCA interface is live and it would appear that the local side is mapped.


Can you click into the Ethernet/Coax section and post what you see including any advanced settings which may be available?  Same for the Home/Office window -- click the settings button and post what you see.


What STB mmodel do you have?  I want to see if there are any diagnostics we can check to make sure we have a data path to the internet. 

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I previously had a HD QIP6xxx series, now I have the HD QIP71001. I know there's a diagnostic page when the STB gets booted up, but I can never stay in there long enough to scroll through the options, it just kicks me out and starts displaying channels.

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