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No Program Information Available

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I get this message on both by TVs now for every channel.  I can't set the DVR box to record by program search.  I've rebooted both STBs.  Any ideas?

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Is your router on? That's where the info comes from. Try resetting the router, then the STB's again.
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Location: Northern Virginia/DC
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It COULD be caused by your box not receiving reliable data from your network. I struggled with a similar problem - guide info would not update, or say data not available, and my box would lock up about every 8-12 hours. It turns out that using my already installed coax distribution system was the problem.


Your internal coax cable distribution system has to be really good to pass the interactive program guide info to the STBs.  The actual TV signals pass at lower frequencies, but the IPG is passed at near 1GHz.  Standard coax distribution systems for cable frequently use splitters only good up to 600 or 900 MHz, not good enough for FIOS Program Guide info and Home Media functions. 


Additionally a number of my coax connectors were old and loose and under a lot of strain - they were replaced with crimped connectors and provided some slack, and one length of coax running through an inaccessible wall was simply intermittent - seemed fine for actual TV signals and when the tech sent a test signal, but still resulted in IPG problems and a locked-up box regularly.


Eliminating the unnecessary splitters, replacing the rest with 1Ghz-pass-through types, replacing all of the coax connectors and that one run of bad coax cabling, resulted in perfect perfomance of the STB.

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I have rebooted (power down for 1-2 minutes) the router, and each STB two times and nothing changes.  I don't have splitters or even a lot of cable outlets in the house (3, router for FIOS Inet and 2 STBs).  Worked fine for the first 6 months, this problem seemed to coincide with the lates channel upgrade. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?  Thanks.
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Having the same problem on two TV's/boxes. Similar recent issue after 12 months+ of service. Also can't scroll channels - have to manually enter channel numbers in order to change channels.  Anyone else having these problems and/or know the solution? If it is the router, what is the proper method of "resetting" the router? Thanks.
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Location: Dallas, TX
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both of you should call in and have us fix the issue for you. Now when you call please advise them that you have already powercycled the router and reset it. Advising of that info upfront makes the call go that much smoother to getting final resolution
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