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No "Resume" option on DVR when returning to a program being recorded

No "Resume" option on DVR when returning to a program being recorded

Contributor Paul2013
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I am a recent FIOS customer. I have a Cicso single-room DVR. Frequently, if I am watching and recording a program, for example, a basketball game, if I change the channel to watch something else, and then click on the DVR button to go back to the game, when I select the game that is being recorded (in the DVR menu) I get the menu item "Play" instead of "Resume." If I select play, the recording starts from the beginning. When "Play" apears at the top of the menu options for the game, there is no "Resume" option lower down in the menu.


Is this a software bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Resume play on a current recording is inconsistent. It seems to depend on whether you start watching the recording from the recorded programs list or rewind it in the buffer. It can also have to do with how you stop watching it. Did you press stop or pause it before changing the channel, or did you let it play until it hit live TV or keep playing it while changing channels? Sometimes it will even allow you to pause one taping program, flash over to another channel, pause that program, flip back and keep watching the first program from where it was paused. Did that once while watching two games. Haven't really tried it again. It seems to be a very hit and miss option. Sometimes it works exactly like you expect it to. Sometimes it isn't even available. I'd have to troubleshoot to give a better answer.

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Copper Contributor joecon
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That has been a problem for....like...ever!!! Read around here, google it, no solution & no answers!

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