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Non DVR boxes freezing when fast forwarding

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Non DVR boxes freezing when fast forwarding

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I have a multi room DVR set up.  When I play recordings from my DVR on one of my non-DVR set top boxes, they freeze up when I fast foward or rewind.  In particular, I always use the skip ahead and back buttons (as opposed to traditional fast forward and rewind) and after I hit the buttons to skip ahead, the recording freezes.  The box does not shut down and sometimes it will unfreeze after some time, other times I hit buttons (e.g., play, stop, etc) until it snaps back into it.  Other times I have to power it off and turn it back on and start my program from the beginning.


The DVR box is working fine, but this problem is happening with all 3 of my non-DVR boxes (perhaps a problem with the model?).  All of my equiptment is new, as it was "upgraded" when I moved to my new residence a month ago.  I called tech support and they thought it was a probloem with my router, which apparently allows the DVR to communicate with the other boxes.  They sent me out a new one, but I'm experiencing the same problem with the new router too, though it does seem to be less consistent than it was previously - It used to happen EVERY time (i.e., anytime I fast fowarded or rewound) and now it happens most times.


One more symptom: About 1/4 of the time I fast forward and try to get the program going again, the sound has gone out.  When this happens I skip forward or back a couple times and that tends to get the sound back.


This is very frustrating!

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Re: Non DVR boxes freezing when fast forwarding

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I've experienced the exact same thing with my DVR box.  Usually I have to hit stop, resume, and then fast forward to where I was.  technology and support from Verizon as usual.

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