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Numerous unresolved issues

Numerous unresolved issues

Contributor mckzach
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Registered: ‎06-23-2010
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I have called the Help(less)Desk about these problems, though they remain unresolved, and, apparently, will forever be unresolved.  I'm using the very latest DVR box available (THIRD box now), so it's not a hardware issue.


1. When attemping to launch the YouTube widget, not only does it not open, it powers down my box completely and remains that way.  (The very same thing happens if I attempt to set up FiOS screen savers.)


2. When I hit 'OK' on my remote to temporarily "unlock" a parental controlled channel, nothing happens. 'OK' isn't recognized by the unit. I must completely turn off Parental Controls to watch one program, then turn it back on again (big hassle).


3. On-screen Caller ID doesn't work (and never has).


I'm paying big bucks for FiOS service and shouldn't be experiencing any problems whatsoever.  None!  After recently speaking with a HelpDesk agent for over one hour, the agent told me, "this is the first time I haven't been able to solve a customer's problem."  And he left it at that.  Unbelieveable.

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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the youtube thing is definetly not hardware,  it doesn't require a dispatch or a replacement cable box.  but it's a known issue and verizon has a fix for it, but you need to call and get someone that actually reads their emails.


so you may want to call back on the youtube one. 


the caller id on tv is also something that they have to fix some database stuff  so you would have to call in for that one too.


and then the parental control, I'd have to check it on my fios boxes to see if it acts the same for me, but that might be just how they have their parental controls set up.



the youtube and the caller id on tv though, you'll definetely want to call and have that addressed.    they should NOT be sending new boxes or sending a tech, because it's not something that can be fixed at your house, 

Contributor mckzach
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Registered: ‎06-23-2010
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Thanks for the inside info, Hubrisnxs, very much appreciated.  Smiley Wink

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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When attempting to launch the you tube widget, do you have media manager installed and turned on, on one of the PC's in your home?

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Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I've given up with Media Manager/Youtube.  I constantly get "Error in Playing Video."  The only solution is to uninstall, and then reinstall Media Manager on my PC.  That is completely absurd.  I asked for help and was told to check my firewall settings, which is equally absurd.  The firewall would not allow something for a day and then shut it off. 

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Sure it coud. happens all the time. the firewall is a legitimate place to start looking. Firewalls block programs that have worked before all the time. And uninstalling and reinstalling a program that is having issues is also standard procedure. None of that sound bogus or even unreasonable. Both sound like good places to start.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
Contributor kimba1246
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Registered: ‎06-25-2010
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Can't help with the You Tube and other issue, but depending upon 'where' you live, are you sure you have the 'caller ID' in your area?  I  just read some older msgs. from a few weeks ago and some areas on the West coast don't have it (hopefully they do now).   Is it possible your area doesn't?  


Also -  Have you tried using your TV's remote to check the TV settings?  Oddly enough, just flipping things on and off on the TV settings can make a difference on the Fios remote.   


I have 2 flat screens thus 2 Fios remotes.  The Mute didn't  work on one of them until I played with the TV settings.  But you have to use the TV's remote.   You've got nothing to lose.    Good Luck

Contributor smorris12
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at least your service is up, my wife and i BOTh work, TV service from FIOS is OUT, you would think they would come ASAP, nope, tomorrow at 3 until 7, what a joke, i want a full months credit, sorry about all of your issues but I apy alot as well and expect everything to work, ESPECIALLY the basic service of TV!!   Have a good one sir and good luck!!

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