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On Demand and the widgets (YouTube) all stopped working when my contract expired.

On Demand and the widgets (YouTube) all stopped working when my contract expired.

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I do not want the new offer because it does not include HBO or SHO and after I pay to add them back the package would cost me $10/mo more than my current plan. I don't really care about an extra 25mbps and I cetainly don't want to pay Verizon a $149 "installation" fee for it. I already have a Netflix account and after the $149 "installation" fee the overall "savings" would be only $42.88. That savings would get eaten up by the extra $10/mo in four months leaving me to pay an additional $80/yr in excess of my current bill. So, I did nothing and as I expected, my monthly package went up $10 but it is still less than taking the new package and paying yet another fee for HBO & SHO.

But what I want to know is why On Demand and YouTube no longer load. There are quite a few shows that I miss in live time and I have been using On Demand a lot for a few years now. Suddenly it's just "loading" but never gets loaded. Interestinhg that it seems to coincide with the expiration of my old contract. Getting ready to bite the bullet and call customer service, let's hope I get someone who actually knows what they're doing!

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Couple of comments:

1) If you already have a Netflix account, they will extend your account for the length of time promised in your offer.

2) As far as I know, letting your contract lapse should not affect your service.

3) BTW, may want to watch bill as once your contract expires, you may very well lose some discounts you had while under contract causing your bill to increase.


Have you tried reboot router and STBs?

If that doesn't work, I would try contactin support on twitter @verizonsupport.

Not quite real time (at first anyway) but they are pretty responsive. And can initiate a chat if needed to support you.

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