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On Demand won't "resume" play, only restarts

On Demand won't "resume" play, only restarts

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Employee Emeritus
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The VOD software had been patched, but it didn't correct the issue. They are working on another now to address this.


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Contributor Senec1954
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I've been experiencing the same problem which actually is a two-fold issue.  First, the on-hold function is WAY too short.  The other night, I put a VOD program on hold for about 3 minutes while I went to get a snack.  When I returned, the on-hold was cancelled.  When I hit resume, the program went back to the beginning which made me scream. AND THEN, you can only fast forward at 2X speed so it took me about 10 minutes to get back to the place in the program where I originally put it on hold.  Come on, Verizon - even Cablevision had these features working correctly and their cable boxes are from the cro-mag era!  Get your {word filter avoidance} together!

Contributor CraZySteve
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I really wish Verizon would act quicker on this..... I mean Seriously? How much money are they making off of everyone?? Millions that is how much. They should be able to hire competent Software engineers to get this issue fixed!!



Contributor mbgold78
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I have the same issue.  Called it in to customer service and they sent me a new box.  But that didnt work and we still face the issue till today.  Im comforted by the fact that this is everyones issues, which means it will get fixed at some point. 


Copper Contributor rktrump
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I'm another VZ customer with this problem.  To add a couple details, this doesn't seem to happen with "purchased" VOD, such as new release movies.  It happens with "free" programs.  It is particularly frustrating when watching a show that won't allow you to fast forward, such as one on ABC, NBC, etc.  If I have to grab a call for more than a couple minutes 45 minutes into a show, I have to then let the show play for 45 minutes (typically while I go watch something on one of my other TVs), to get back to where I was in the program.  Certainly doesn't save VZ any viewing time.  Why not extend the pause time, on top of fixing this problem???



Contributor amatern
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Please let's have a fix for this.  It is very annoying, and a lot of other companies can make this happen.  I do like my Verizon service, but the ability to wath half a movie VOD and then resume it later is pretty compelling .... and available.

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Platinum Contributor III
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on another forum, they said the fix wasn't until late 3rd quarter or early fourth quarter, so I wouldn't expect it anytime soon unfortunately 

Copper Contributor Swirly
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I reported this issue to VZ support again today. Interesting that I just found this forum post where I see others are having the same problem. Just to add to the discussion: this feature worked when I first had FIOS installed, so the tech supp person who said it never worked is mistaken. I know it used to work, which is why I reported it as a problem when it stopped working, which was around the time they made changes to the interface. I was told a fix was coming several months ago, and I'm surprised and saddened that it still isn't fixed. Unfortunately, new upgrades, such as the latest new interface that was recently installed, don't always include all of the fixes that should be included. The interface is nice, but as you can see from the posts, it is VERY annoying to have to either fast forward through a movie at 2x speed, or worse, sit through a show that can't be fast forwarded until you reach where you left off, just because this one feature isn't working. FYI, it works for regular DVR, but not OnDemand. If the servers are refreshing, as that tech claimed, then there should be a way to store the information for the shows we have in our libraries without them being cleared.

Contributor Johnelissasi
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It is true. It used to work up to about the beginning of this year. If it wont resume, why do they even have that option.
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It works on my Cisco hardware. I was watching a VOD movie last night and it dropped out when pause timed out. I hit play and selected resume where it left off. Back to the place it stopped. Works GREAT!

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