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On Demand won't "resume" play, only restarts

On Demand won't "resume" play, only restarts

Contributor drierp
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@kbala97 wrote:

I  have the same issue. The resume-play seems to work sometimes when I leave it on pause for 5 minutes or so and it times out. But, even that works only sometimes. The other annoying issue is that fast-forward works only at 2x the speed. So, it restarts and then you can only forward at 2x (8x is not allowed). Please fix it!


8x actually works, it just says 2x.  press forwards 3 times and you'll get 2x, 4x and then 8x..  you'll notice the seconds counter going up in 8s to confirm.


just another bug..  

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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I see that the _VZ Verizon employees that prowl on this board have given up on responding to this thread.  At least in the past they would PM you and see if there is anything that they can do.  Clearly this is frustrating for them as this is clearly a set of bugs and for whatever reason they have not been addressed.  I agree with the previous poster about the software requirements to make this work - extremely simple.  It's shocking that such an integral part of the user experience has been left in this stage for as long as it has.

Contributor JPringles
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I have been getting this problem for well over a year now, as well as constant VOD errors, not being able to watch VODs at all including ones I permanently purchased.  Seriously, what the heck do I pay $200 a month for!!??

I have to pay every month for services that never work practically every day or every other day!!


I have been with Fios for some time, and it was not like this in the beginning.  Typical though I guess of a company that is trying to real in a bunch of new customers, and then once they have them all & become a major player, they take a crap on their customers!!  Their service was great at first, even when you had to call in to operators, and now year by year is just deteriorating.  Heck you don’t even see Verizon techs responding to these forums and posts anymore and if they do it’s not even any useful information.


The frustrating part of all this for myself too is that I use VOD more than anything else (I tend to watch movies more than I do TV programming), and usually late at night (I work late/evening hours, not home till after midnight).  To simply tell me that these VOD outages as well as loss of resume play (late nights) is simply because they are updating at that time is pure bull, because like I already mentioned, this never happened in the past for probably the first 3 years of my service, Now it is constantly!!  Seriously isn’t this what we all pay hundreds of $$ a month for, their services, and if the service isn’t right for them to fix it??  If they can't fix it, then that tells me either they really have no idea what they're doing, or they just don’t give a "you know what" just as long as they got your $$.


If they're only going to provide me with 75% of my services, does this mean I only have to pay 75% of my bill!!

Seriously Verizon/FiOS, keep up the great work (*that’s sarcasm btw), and soon I won’t have to pay my bill with you guys at all ever gain, because I’ll just cancel my service!!

Contributor christiannyny
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I had the same problem - here's what seems to be working on my system (DVR model # QIP7232-P2).


If you're watching an on demand show, and wish to exit the show, but resume watching later at the point where you left off:


1. While your on demand content is playing, press the 'GUIDE' button on your remote.  This should bring up the TV programming guide, with 'FiOS On Demand' showing as channel 900.  Your on demand show should still be playing in the small box on the screen.

2. Use the number buttons on the remote to enter another channel, hit  'OK' to move the guide to that channel, then hit 'OK' again to change the TV to that channel.


This should save the on demand show at the approximate location (+/- 1 minute) where you stopped watching, and allow you to view other content (live TV; DVR recorded shows).  When you're ready to resume watching the on demand show:


3. Bring up the On Demand menu (tune to channel 900 -OR- press the 'MENU' button on the remote and scroll down to VOD -OR- press the 'ON DEMAND' button on the remote).

4. Navigate to the show you were previously watching.

5. Hit the 'OK' button on the remote, and select 'Resume Play' from the option menu.  This should resume the show within 1 minute of where you left off.


Again, it works on my DVR model, and so far, I've only tried it on the free network TV shows, but I don't see why it shouldn't work on other models/program types.

Contributor WayneVa
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I just got FIOS this month (jan '13) and have the same problem -- is there a way to make sure I have the most recent box software -- Running a 45 minute program back now so I can catch the last 10 minutes Smiley Sad



Contributor midos
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Chiming in with the same resume play issue and today is my first day of vz food. Bah. Fix it ya money grubbers.
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This is driving me crazy as well. What is the purpose of limiting the FF or REWD rate to 2x? I've had the RESUME feature function properly, perhaps, 1 time out of 50. I'd be happier even, if they didn't even list "resume" as an option.
Copper Contributor tennisnut15
Copper Contributor
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I too had the brief point in time when VOD did resume from the stooped location, which of course is gone. I thought I would give the suggestion made by @christiannyny a try on my box which is the same model # as listed. I am now watching Southland, from the beginning, for the 3rd time! And no way to FF at all, even at 2X. 


Others in this thread hit it right - the giant companies with monopolies (and Verizon and Cablevision are essentially that) could care less about the customers. They promise alot, come after you with full force to lure you to their service, and then treat you like crap. Were it not for all the taped shows I will lose going back to Cablevision, it almost pays to keep bouncing back and forth with these companies. The very next day after I leave Verizon they will be throwing non-stop offers my way. Here's a novel concept - treat your customers fairly, be responsive and transparent in your relationship, and maybe your customers will stay and even think highly of you. There are companies out there who treat customers well - just doesn't seem any of them are in the telecommunications field.

Contributor christiannyny
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Sorry it didn't work for you-it still seems to be working on my system. Do you know if there's a way to upload a video to the site? If so, I'll record it step by step and upload it.
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